Monday, May 5, 2014


This is my son Sam.

This is Emmeline.
They went to the prom together.

Emmeline, an exchange student from Belgium,
lives with Anna Hudgins, who lives
just across the creek from me. 

This is Emily Brown.
And that's Queens Creek in the background.

The girls

The guys

The group

These two get my vote as cutest couple.
Of course, I am very, very biased.  

Not all the photos were serious.

There was lots of Snap-Gramming and Insta-Chatting
(or whatever it is these young whippersnappers do these days)

I love this bunch. All of them.

During one of these group photos, one of the parents--hoping to rein in the 
attention of so many teenagers--said, "Go Hokies!" I then said, "Go Hoos!"  
Emmeline, unable to identify with the college references said, "Go Belgium!"
I thought it was pretty darn funny.

There was one obligatory photo with the elderly
old-looking mother, whose only wish for the night was that
everyone arrive home safe and sound. Thankfully, they did.

In the background is Sam's grandparents' house.  

Cutest couple ever.  (Did I say that already?)

I am most grateful to Tim, Frances and Peggy Hudgins for hosting the pre-prom photo shoot on their perfectly situated Queens Creek property--so conveniently located that my friend Thomas and I could arrive by canoe.

I'm also grateful to the powers of the universe that allowed these youngsters to have a night of fun without anything awful happening.

Finally, I am in awe of--and perhaps even a bit envious of--all the life and living these beautiful teens have in front of them.

The world is their oyster.


Anonymous said...

Twenty years of working in high school classrooms and crying at every graduation, I do not have to know any of these young people to tear up as I look at the wonderful photos. They are all on the brink of a larger life.
Lovely rainbow of gowns and lovely girls ! Sam is just adorable, and I am amazed he allowed Mom to take all those photos of him--profiles, even ! Great mama you are to host the party. XO to the proud CB family.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pic's! Your son is so handsome! Our prom was this weekend too. It was great seeing the kids all dressed up and having a good time together. I was feeling a little sad while taking pic's thinking about them being seniors and that this would be their last prom. The years go by so quickly...Trinia

Kay L. Davies said...

So many pretty girls and handsome young men, and lovely photos.
I'm not crying but I do have a lump in my throat.
My youngest brother graduated from high school in 1986. Mom and I asked him "Who are you taking to grad?" and he said he was going stag.
We both threw hissy fits, until he finally said "Okay, my friend Chris has a sister. I'll ask her." That led a lengthy courtship, and next month they'll have been married 20 years.
Now his wife's cousin is courting our recently-widowed niece, who says it's too soon really but he is very, very good to her and her little daughter.
Oops, tears in eyes. How did I get from prom to widowhood in one comment?
E you when we get back from Europe (about two weeks).
Luv, K

Daryl said...

what a great prep for CBDaughter's prom photos!!! ;)

Dghawk said...

Ahhh. THE PROM! What wonderful photos. Oh, to be young again. Oh well, that will never happen!

Anyway it looks like they were having the time of their lives. What a beautiful group of young men and women at the gateway of the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos--and I mean ALL of you!!! That will be a special memory those kids think about throughout their lives. What a perfect place to take photos, and a nice gathering on a lovely day. And by the way, you look just as hot as those girls. Betsy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC- They are on the brink of a larger life, what a great way to put it. And thank you, as always, for your words.

Trinia - I saw pictures of your son on FB, they were great. It was such a perfect evening weather-wise. It is a little bittersweet, this whole letting go. I'm in a state of denial for now...

Kay - What a GREAT story about your youngest brother! Enjoy Europe.

Daryl - Stop! I'm in complete denial that my daughter is even in high school, much less with a learner's permit to drive (gulp) and entering junior year next fall. SERENITY NOW...

DGH- They were indeed enjoying themselves, I think they all had a grand time.

Betsy - You're too kind. I look like their shriveled up great-grandmother, but I do appreciate your words.

Thanks to you all for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Meg McCormick said...

Gosh... senior prom. You blinked your eyes, Mama, and BAM! He's all grown up. I understand; I blinked, too.

Thank you for sharing photos of this gorgeous, hopeful group of young men and women.