Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Sunday, I had a repeat gathering of the same group of friends, more or less, who came over on July 4.

The day was spent primarily on and in Queens Creek.

Glenda and Billy brought their boat again which meant plenty of tubing for the kids.

(My daughter missed the tubing; she was inside diligently putting the finishing touches on her summer English project.)


Captain Billy

Very unusual for the month of August, there were no stinging nettles in the creek, which meant we could swim without the hassle of getting stung.  Ordinarily, they'd be wrapped around your neck, they're so abundant.

(Stinging nettles, also called sea nettles or just nettles, are what most people call jellyfish.  I avoid using that word at all costs.  To me, they're stinging nettles.  Hey, I am almost 50 and nobody reads this blog, so I think it's my prerogative to call them what I want to.  Thank you, one dear reader, for your indulgence.)

Catherine takes a dip

Willie B., Theresa, Lawrence and Danny solving world issues--and also monitoring all
the children (and adults) frolicking in the over six feet of water.  

I remember swimming with my sisters as a child off the end of this dock, but I'm pretty sure we broke a record Sunday for the most kids and adults ever swimming here.  It was a blast.

The Mills girls

Malia and Betsy being serious...

...and not so serious.

Matthew and Hayden

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here. 

It was a great way to spend the last day of August.


Anonymous said...

You're more likely to call them jellyfish if you only see them in aquariums. That's when you think they're so cute! Little bags of jelly! If you have to deal with them in your own stretch of water you know the REAL truth. They're stinging nettles and you're glad when they aren't around.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I spent most of the weekend in the water and saw maybe 4 nettles all weekend. My mom and I were talking about how few there have been lately. We haven't even seen any of the moon jellies in the River like we usually do. I mean as a kid my cousin and I swam in jeans and turtlenecks the nettles were so bad.

Daryl said...

whenever i hear nettles, stinging nettles or even jelly fish i flash back to Blogfest and Bud's beach and the insanity that was whatshername's reaction to her daughter getting stung ..

Maria_NJ said...

Hello just thought I would stop by to ay hi...the summer was a blur here, worked waaaay to much...hoping you and yours are all well...Maria

Dghawk said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend. It looks like everyone else had a good time too. As for me, I worked Sat. & Sun. then slep most of the day Monday. As to the nettles/jellyfish or swimming gobs of goo, whatever you want to call them, I was stung when I was about 10 and if I see them in the water, I don't go in.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

(waving) Hi, Maria from New Jersey!