Friday, September 26, 2014


Times are tough when Chesapeake Bay Woman tosses up some photos taken earlier in the year of a typical Mathews shoreline sprinkled with seaweed--and then dares to call it a blog post.

 But Chesapeake Bay Woman hasn't had time to take any new pictures.  On top of that, a monsoon has hit Mathews.  There's been nothing but heavy rains, high winds and dreary skies the past week few days.

By the way, when Chesapeake Bay Woman wishes to distance herself from her worse-than-usual work, she tends to lapse into the third person.  This way, it's as if someone else is doing shoddy work.  She can pretend she has nothing to do with it, whatsoever.  On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a close-up shot of seaweed?  Doesn't it look like green linguine? Where else can you go for such riveting reading, such tantalizing topics? When was the last time you thought about seaweed?  Have you ever really thought about it for any length of time?  I have.  Or rather, Chesapeake Bay Woman has.  CBW is also tired.  Let' return to our blog post, already devolving before our very eyes.  

CBW hopes to get out on Sunday and take some new pictures.  She would do so on Saturday, but she'll be 75 miles away in Richmond at her daughter's cross country meet.  All day.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Daryl said...

now i want sushi

Paxie said...

I've never quite seen sea weed in this way before. Thank you hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did find them oddly riveting. I must be weird! And also hungry for linguini. Betsy