Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mad Calf Lane

Over the weekend, after one of several trips to Market Days, Middle Sis and I rode over to Gwynn's Island, where I fell in love with this sign.

Am I the only one who wishes her mailing address was Mad Calf Lane?


With a view like this, what's not to love.

Middle Sister

Mad Calves Sisters

After such a beautiful weekend, this week has been nothing but steady rain.  Thanks to a leak in my antiquated automobile, the water evidently messed with the electrical system and caused the interior lights to spontaneously turn on, which is particularly embarrassing, not to mention challenging, when driving in the dark on a long, early-morning commute.  The weird thing about that--not that that isn't weird enough--is that one of the lights spontaneously turning on ordinarily doesn't work.

Anyway, although we needed the rain, I'm all done with it.  Enough.

Dear Miss Sunshine, 

Please come back here where you belong.




Anonymous said...

Mad Calf is so mad-cap. So glad the sisters got together.

Anonymous said...

When that street grows up, will it become Mad Cow Street?


Deltaville Jamie said...

Not surprising, before I read the post and just saw the Title and photo I immediately said, "I want to live on Mad Calf Lane" Also, I like Morris Flippin Rd. I always wonder why it's called that every time I drive by there. Is there a guy named Morris Flippin? Did someone flip a Morris Minor car there back in the day? Is Flippin being used a more polite version of a certain four letter f word? Similarly, was there a wild calf roaming Gwynn's Island? Did it have Mad Cow disease?

Daryl said...

if you Blisters had been there .. those Sea Shanty Blisters … i am betting you'd have that sign at home now along with the Krystal Ball sign …

Meg McCormick said...

I think The Mad Calves would be a brilliant name for a rock band. You're welcome.

Robert Julian Braxton said...

I first turned into Mad Calf Lane in 1966 the year of college graduation, married the Pirkle daughter in 1967 (just celebrated 47th wedding anniversary) but my spouse has been going there (at first from Petersburg) for about 65 years. We still do - with offspring and family (grandchildren ages 7 and 3).

Robert Julian Braxton said...

The house numbers and street signs on Gwynn's Island are for 911 emergency (medical, fire) purposes and U.S. mail must (so far) be via P.O. Box (there are two post offices: Gwynn; and Grimstead - on the Island). Anyone ever suffered from "Mad Tofu" ?