Monday, September 8, 2014

Market Days

This busy weekend was mostly spent with Middle Sister (visiting from Georgia) 
at Mathews Market Days.

It was so hot, I likely would have gone inside for some of this free water had I been able to move beyond the apostrophe in that third word. Alas, I was unable to and didn't even know what the rest of the sign said until posting this picture. 

As usual, there was plenty of arts and crafts and food for sale. 

That's Middle Sis on the right.  I think her eyes were closed in practically every
picture I took of her this weekend. (My apologies, Middle Sis.)

(Is there any other kind?)

Daughter and I sampled both the sweets and the eats offered at this Greek food truck.
The loukoumades were out of this world.  Also, loukoumades might be my new favorite word.
It's fun to say.  Try it sometime.

I really wanted some of this ice cream, but Daughter wasn't in the mood--probably
because we had just devoured so many loukoumades.
I can't eat ice cream by myself, it just isn't right.

This is Josh, one of my favorite teenagers, and his adorable girlfriend.

Look who we ran in to, Chesapeake Bay Mother.

And Father.  He was a little disgruntled because Mother had walked way ahead and left him behind. In fact, if she hadn't stopped to talk to us, he might never have caught up.

Saturday night after a family dinner, Baby Sis arrived, and we all went to the street dance that marks the conclusion of Market Days.  Although it was somewhat exhausting for an almost-50-year-old, it was a good time.

And now I'm ready for a really long nap.


Anonymous said...

Glad you took us CB fans along with you...looked like a beautiful day and fun stalls to visit. Forgot how hungry i got looking at the shrimp food concession photo you posted last I remember and hungry again!

big hair envy said...

There's also a rogue apostrophe in the vendor sign that lets you know you can purchase PO-BOY'S. Ugh! Glad you and the sistahs had a nice visit :)

Daryl said...

it was horrible hot here too on Saturday … i would have had ice cream with you …

Meg McCormick said...

And so am I, after reading this, and it's only 9:30 a.m.!!