Monday, November 17, 2014


This gorgeous tree lives in my front yard.

Most of the time, it goes unnoticed. 

It's just one of several I pass 
on my way out of the driveway every day.

Once a year, though, this tree gets all dolled up.

She puts on quite the show for about a week.

These were taken at her peak Saturday morning.

As of Sunday, the leaves were already starting to drop.

Friday I FROZE TO DEATH cheered on the Mathews cross country teams at the state meet outside of Warrenton.  Both teams came in third overall, and we had two individual runners place in the top 15 finishers.  Click here for pictures from that successful event.

Now Daughter will be flung head first into basketball, which means the time I spend on the road will quadruple, once the games start up.

My car currently has 195,000 miles on it and is absolutely begging me to retire from the daily trips to Williamsburg and beyond.  As soon as I identify a logical, affordable replacement, the old Saturn Vue will be bequeathed to Daughter, who gets her license in December.  The Saturn won't mind shuffling Daughter to and from high school. Not one bit.

It's hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving--which means December really isn't that far off.

Time continues to fly by in spite of all my requests that it not.


Anonymous said...

Time for a gas miserly hybrid? Loved the photos from OBX, by the way. Didn't get a chance to post but enjoyed reading your adventures. Also like today's tree. If only those golden leaves were all gold coins--then the Saturn could enjoy its retirement. Betsy

Robert Julian Braxton said...

We really like our 2005 Toyota Prius (silver). We put few miles on it per year. I think it is past 105,000 miles by now but some people do double that. We are one night and one day in North (part of) Richmond where my spouse has a day-long work meeting (Synod of Mid-Atlantic, PC(USA) ).

Meg McCormick said...

I need a new car too - 182,000 miles and counting, and I just dumped another $1100 into it for needed repairs. Which did not include the two tires I also need, desperately. I keep reminding myself, it is paid for! But still. I keep paying for it over and over again.

That tree? LOVELY.

Julie said...

I love the bright yellow leaves. It is just beautiful.

Daryl said...

no, not yellow .. GOLD .. golden beauty