Monday, December 22, 2014

Bethel Beach

These were taken yesterday afternoon from Bethel Beach on one of the first Do Nothing days I've had in years months weeks.

So much has happened over the past week, and there's still so much to do in anticipation of Christmas and my mother's birthday dinner which is Christmas Eve.  My son's surgery was successful--but also stressful.  The important thing is it's behind us, and he's doing well.  Mercifully, Daughter has a two-week break from school and basketball. The past two weeks have been grueling for us all, between the games and her normal school work. The Waverly Lane Christmas Party was Saturday night at the property known as Clifton--which all of Waverly Lane belonged to back in the 1700s. It was good to spend time with our neighbors we so seldom talk to thanks to our rush-rush lives.

Today I return to my demanding commute and work.  Although Christmas is days away, I still haven't done much of anything for my children's Christmas presents and feel horrible about that. I also still need to buy a new car but have had neither the time nor the energy to spend on that utterly ridiculous arduous process.

In other words, things are as they always were:  chaotic.

I hope all is well in your world.


Anonymous said...

Time out to do nothing and have a long block of serenity is my idea of the best Christmas preparation! Betsy

Daryl said...

you know those kids will not care a whit if they don't have presents on Christmas day because they know who gives them so much love and energy all year long .. YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

What Daryl said...we have our ideas of what we want accomplished by a certain time, but we are the only ones really disappointed when it doesn't happen. Time with you is what your kids will remember.
I had known Sam's surgery was on Tues., but I thought it was to be this coming Tuesday--and here it has already passed ! So glad everything went well; hopefully no further surgery will be needed in future.
May your car continue to hold up a little longer until you have time to replace it. XO to CB family

Edward Anderson said...

Happy Holidays for CBW!

Robert Julian Braxton said...

beach photos - smooth - soothing (for me). Thanks.