Monday, December 8, 2014

Moon, VA

This is the old Moon post office located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Moon, Virginia.  (Don't blink, however, or you'll miss it entirely--the post office and the hustle and bustle and anything resembling a downtown.)

I pass through here routinely, usually on my way to one of the public beaches or to go for a run.

Because of the unique name, the post office received many requests for postmarks in July 1969, when we landed on the moon.  (My great-grandfather, by the way, never believed the whole man on the moon story; he was convinced it was a Hollywood stunt.)

In any case, I am fond of this old building and the unique name.

Click here for a 2012 post about Moon that contains comments with theories on how the name was chosen.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your great-grandfather. If we really went the first time why haven't we gone back in 45 years?

Robert Julian Braxton said...

Immediately I recognized the building, top photograph. We almost always pass this building on bicycles, to and from Haven Beach, which is 12 1/2 miles (on bicycle) from Mad Calf Lane, 23066.

Daryl said...

what a fabulous old building … great photos!