Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moon II

This view of the side of the old Moon post office--especially all the lines--caught my eye.  There are horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines and the haphazard lines of the trees and their branches.

(I suppose most of the branches don't form lines, exactly, but that's just a technicality. It wouldn't be the first time I've made up my own rules about what's what on this blog.)

There's simultaneously everything and nothing to report from my world.  Just the standard too much going on and not enough time to accomplish everything.

I will mention, though, since I've not reported it here yet (only on Facebook), that at last Friday night's basketball game in Lancaster my daughter sunk a three-pointer hurled from half-court right at the buzzer at half time to catapult Mathews to a lead going into the locker room.  We ended up winning the game in what was most definitely a team achievement.  But I keep replaying that shot over and over in my head, because it was so perfect.

The girls have a 2-1 record and take on Gloucester and Northumberland this week.

We're enjoying basketball season, but it's a grueling schedule, even if you're "only" a spectator. *

* I take my spectating responsibilities very seriously. Someone recently commented on my vertical leaping abilities in the stands while cheering.  This was, of course, after Daughter's half-court shot that I cannot stop talking about and probably will not until the day I die--which I hope is no time soon, for the record.


Robert Julian Braxton said...

Not everybody gets to say they've been to the Moon and back - twice.
time made / up my / own rules

Anonymous said...

Re: Basketball

Edward Anderson said...

Light on your feet, good for dancin!

Meg McCormick said...

That half-court shot must have been fantastic to see, Mama! We are just embarking on our first time as sports-parents, as our HS junior is on the JV wrestling (rasslin') team. Went to his first meet last night. He didn't last long in his match, and got pinned, and was bummed about it, but he'll get back out there and learn from it I think. I'd actually never been to a HS wrestling meet before and I found it to be quite exciting, even as I had thoughts of "That's some mama's baby out there getting manhandled and OUCH ARE SHOULDERS SUPPOSED TO BEND THAT WAY??". And YES, these schedules are grueling for parents as well as the kids - we got home last night at 9:45. Long day for us all.

Daryl said...

love these photos … love that CBD is having such a great year