Sunday, September 14, 2008


This is the road that leads to Redart (Trader backwards), which is the name of an area in Mathews on the way to Gwynn's Island. The field on the right is loaded with soybeans. Practically every field here now is full of corn or soybeans. They both are harvested when they turn a crispy, dry brown. The corn is just about at that stage, but the beans have a ways to go yet.

I'm going to be brief today because I'm queuing up some things my mother has produced. For now I want to tell you about what I did yesterday, which was completely out of the ordinary for me, and--come to think of it--probably out of the ordinary for most people I know.

I attended a picnic at former governor and current candidate for Senate Mark Warner's house in King George, VA. Yep, I sure did. I shook his hand and sweated all over his yard. It was hotter than blue blazes yesterday. He lives in a magnificent house on a scrillion acres on a bluff overlooking the Rappahannock River. It was beautiful, and I didn't fall down once even though there were tree roots sticking up everywhere and I just knew I was going to go down face first in front of someone important. I didn't.

However, because I was outside in the sweltering hot, 150% humidity, and was sweatin' like a pig on a spit, my hair frizzed all up. I don't mean just a little bit, I mean in a disastrous way. There were no mirrors anywhere to be seen so of course I didn't know it was all frizzed up until the ride home in the car.

So I shook Mark Warner's hand looking like a poodle dog who hasn't been to the groomer in ten years. Typical Chesapeake Bay Woman luck.

Earlier I heard speeches from current Governor Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe. I am pleased to report that this was in an air-conditioned environment.

Therefore Chesapeake Bay Poodle Dog was not concerned about her hair. She was, however, still concerned about falling down in front of someone important.


Mental P Mama said...

Is he the one that was married to Liz Taylor? Or was that another one? I am very impressed, by the way, with your ability to stay upright the entire time. I think we got your humidity up here today. It's awful.

tj said...

...Wow! CBW doin' a lil' "hob-knob'n"? ;o) You go girl!

...Lordy I can relate to the hair issue. My hair always has been and still is to this day, a curse! Yesterday was our family reunion and it has been like a sauna here in Missouri the past couple of days and yesterday was the worst. By the time we arrived my hair was already flippin' out and by the time we returned home I was wonderin' what on sam hill happened to my Now today it is crisp and breezy with a high of 71 degrees - go figure...(*sigh*) :o/

...So are you involved in political issues in your community, running for office, do tell... :o)

...Happy to hear you remained vertical thruout the day tho'... ;o)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MPM - I believe it was John Warner with the Liz connection. Mark is probably half her age, not that it matters to her.....

tj - I don't normally do anything close to hob nobbin' since I am technically a recluse, but I am lucky enough to have a friend with all sorts of connections and was doubly lucky to be asked to go along for the ride.

It was a lot of fun, but very hot and a horrible place to have one's hair wig out, no pun intended.

Bear Naked said...

I hope that now that you have hob-nobbed with all the big wigs that you are not going to go all hoity-toity on the rest of us.
CBW--lady of the manor--who woulda thunk it?

Bear((( )))
ps:The next time you visit my blog just click on "Follow this blog" at the left in my sidebar.
Then another page opens up and you click on the red follow button.
Voila --you are a follower--easy as pie.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

bn - It is humanly impossible for me to turn hoity-toity. Me and hoity-toity are like oil and water. It is fun to get a glimpse into their lifestyle now and then, though, as long as I don't fall down, my hair cooperates and it isn't 400 degrees in the shade.....

Karen Deborah said...

oh ma gawd, I'm gonna pee my pants, heee heee heee
wait till I go to Colombia, I'll look like an old spayed poodle.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

kd - Bring lots of conditioner. And a pony tail holder or two, that's what I should have done yesterday HAD I KNOWN WHAT I LOOKED LIKE.

whatloknows said...

THANKS for visiting my blog and commenting. It has a new look now, check it out!!!!


Auds at Barking Mad said...

Wow, schmoozing and such! And no humiliating falls. Although, had you fallen down, they never would have forgot your name!

And the hair thing...KMS Flat Out is the only thing in the world that saves me from looking like my dog. My hair is every bit as curly as the Little Imps...thank gosh for that stuff and flat irons. And baseball caps. And scrunchies!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

wlk - Thanks to you for stopping by here.

auds - Here's what I don't understand. My hair was as STRAIGHT AS A POKER up until around late 30's to now. Hormones are an evil thing, indeed. All my life I put perms in my hair to make it other than poker-like, and now that I want it straight it coils up like a mattress spring, the color of charcoal ashes, i.e. GRAY.

Oh, the humanity. But I will now order a case of whatever it is you've just recommended. I already have the flat iron, but really don't have the patience to use it.

I should just revert back to what my mother used on me as a baby: dippity do. only instead of using it for curl, use it to plaster my hair down flat.

bellalately said...

Hi- the original owner of the white afro here. Seriously....thank god for frizz ease ;)

A few pics for you from our trip to Gwynn's Island for my birfday last year:

Cobb's Creek elementary (now a P.O) where I tormented Diana Lee:

Gwynn's Island Beach (don't ask me which one, we just ended up here :) ):

And last, but not least, where I baptised, right before you turn down redart- Mathews Baptist (by Mattaponi Rev. Madison):

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bella - I was baptized in MBC as well. In fact, I have a story written and some pics loaded up about that beautiful church. One of these days I'll remember that I do and put the stuff up here. I'm going now to check yours out. Thanks for posting the info. - cbw

Rebeckah said...

Wow, that sounds impressive. I totally understand about the hair. This humidity has been KILLER lately!

Karen Deborah said...

just to set the story straight NO BODY NOT ONE woman around here lately has been having a good ahir day. I'm goin back to my gay genius this week. I need a short do for Colombia.
How about if we all do some kind of a best hair tips tag, write down 7things that work on your hair and what they do for it and then then of the worst things to use. Whaddaya think? t

foolery said...

My hair is and always has been stick-straight and fine. That may sound wonderful to anyone with curl or frizz problems, but it's no better in humidity. It gets flat and looks greasy, somehow, even when first washed. I'm not kidding when I say that it looks a lot darker -- even had people ask if I were dying my hair brown when most of my life I was blond. So I just look frumpy and greasy instead of frizzy.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

rebeckah - here's the thing: my hair never EVER did this until old lady hormones started kickin' in.

kd - I think that's a good idea about the list. Here's my contribution: SHAVE YOUR HEAD BALD. That's the only thing that will work for me, I can guarantee it.

Foolery - the thing is, my hair was straight as an arrow too. Now it wants to do differently. And to boot? I have that greasy hair look as well. It just isn't fair, I tell ya.