Sunday, September 21, 2008

School Project

Here's yet another Bethel Beach picture. By now I'm sure y'all are sayin', "Gracious sakes alive. When in the world is she gonna put up a picture that doesn't look identical to the one she tossed up here yesterday or some other day this week?"

Answer: I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine, perhaps even better.

I happened to open up my Middle Sister's diary at random today, and it fell to January 12, 1976:

"Dear Diary,
Today I got an A on my project. It was on South America. Mumma did most of it. Today we went to school. I saw that the creek was frozen. I wanted to skate on it so much, but we had to go to school."-Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister
Then I flipped to the next day, which said this:

"Dear Diary,
Today I went to school and got a B- on the project of Argentina. I did this one all by myself. Mumma got sick yesterday. She's got the flue [sic]. She's feeling a little better. Today was good."-Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister
Hmmmm. There are so many things I could say, at least fifty different things. For now, I'll just say two:

1. Middle Sister got an A on a project her mother did and a B- on a project she did herself.

2. Middle Sister did that second project herself because her mother was sick with the FLUE [sic].

3. "Today was good," she says on the day her mother is sick and she gets a B- on a project.

OK. That was three things, not two. I was never good with numbers.

I haven't heard from Middle Sister in a while. Maybe she can provide some insightful background into these South American projects, for example how much fun she had skating on the iced-over creek while our mother did her homework for her.

For example.


cats said...

I think she meant today was good because maybe she felt good about herself because she did her project by herself. Maybe cbw older sis didn't lick her today or torment her in some cruel way. You know how kids only seem to think of themselves, and how does this affect me? As long as it is not them that are sick, it is a good day.
Love your pics, and wish you would elaborate on your dinner with old friends. Where? who? what?
I see alot of our old friends at F.L. I enjoy seeing them. I saw Robbie W. again the other night. He brought something to my remembrance that I had forgot about long ago. Remind me to tell you.
Have a great week>
Love Ya.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Cats - I'll e-mail you with the names. It was fun.

BTW - that's the job of an older sister, to torment.

Grandma J said...

I love pictures of the beach. I especially love ones from the east coast because they have the tall grass stuff. The ones in CA have cigarette butts or dogs with blue and orange hair. The cigarette butt thing is not really true...everywhere.
Middle sis is quite resourceful, that's better than being smart...not that she isn't.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - I saw your picture of the dog with blue and orange hair, so I know you speak the truth.

Middle Sis was very resourceful indeed.....

Rebeckah said...

You can keep putting up beach pictures as long as you like : ). They are very pretty. I wish my Mom would have done my projects for me. She did help a lot : ). I am guessing your Mom did not help you on your projects. The favortism is sad, right? : )

Bear Naked said...

I want that beach.
I need that beach.

Bear((( )))

charmed said...

I wish I could have had one of those mothers who did their homework for them. I wonder if I missed that section of the form and skipped right to mothers who make you milkshakes when you're sick and let you watch scary movies even though you both know you'll then be up all night. I guess it was an ok deal after all.

Mental P Mama said...

Those pesky middle children. You can tell I'm the oldest, can't you?

Big Hair Envy said...

Keep posting the pictures of Bethel Beach. They will help abate the depression I am experiencing due to the loss of my beloved summer...

BTW - Do you plan to attend the big celebration that will be held in Stinky Town the first weekend in October? Will you be wearing the appropriate hat??

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

R - Actually, to be fair, I do recall her helping me with projects. In fact, she still helps me. There was the project that involved sewing costumes for a school play while I tended to a son who was having an emergency appendectomy and Daughter needed to be a (fill in the blank with an appropriate animal, I can't remember)and I had no idea how to do it. She came through like she always does. She's the best.

bn - You should see it in person. IF you ever want a vacation away from Canada, you have yourself a tour guide.

charmed - Indeed it was an OK deal. It still is. My mother would make me STEAK for breakfast the morning of a track meet even though we never EVER ate steak as a family for dinner. She wanted to be sure I had enough protein and iron (that's what she said). She was the staple at every basketball game, every track meet, no matter what part of the state it was in. She's the best, really.

mpm - They are the peskiest of children, those middle ones. I knew we had more than wine in common...

bhe - I've never been to that Stinky Town event, although I don't have a good reason why I haven't. I have not one but two hats that would be perfect for the occasion. I might have to go this year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you JESUS for not letting me write a diary, because if I had it would be all over the freakin' internet! ( plus if I had written one it would probably go like this: Dear Diary,

Today I, oh ,look, a SQUIRREL! What was I saying?)
Baby sis