Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday morning I drove down to Aaron's Beach to see how The Green was coming along. In the winter, the marsh grasses and reeds turn brown and grey just like my hair everything else. When the green finally returns all is right with my world.

As it turns out, The Green has taken over most of The Gray, but these reeds have some more growing to do. Normally they're over my head, just like my laundry pile.

But today is not about laundry piles because if it were I'd be asking how it is humanly possible for there to be 4,685--and a half--white socks and nary a one matches. Or perhaps it's just more difficult to match 4,685 1/2 white socks when you are blinking back tears because you've never seen so many unmatched socks in your life.

No, rather than ascend Mt. Laundrest, today I am going on a Blog Hunt with Mathews Mark and possibly Bay Man, if he can make it off the island at all in time.

(Bay Man has his own pace--I'll call it on par with a periwinkle--as well as his own time zone over there. Although Mathews Mark and I are meeting at 8:30 a.m., that translates into 10:00 Eastern (not so) Standard Gwynns Island time. Hi, Bay Man!)

Anyway, Mathews Mark, possibly Bay Man and I are going on a Blog Hunt, which is not where we stalk blogs but where we search for places, things or people to blog about.

Based on what Mathews Mark has told me, there are some very exciting prospects lined up for this hunt, although with Mathews Mark I'd have enough to blog about in the first five minutes of conversation, which may or may not involve blow toads (see yesterday's comments).

Stay tuned early next week for the results of this Blog Hunt. I'll be off-line most of the weekend and it will take me atl least that long to download, then upload, the photos from today's escapades.

Hope your weekend is fantastic, devoid of unmatched socks and blow toads.

And now a few questions for you, even though this post was declared a laundry-free zone a few paragraphs earlier:

1. For those of you who are organized types, what is the secret to taming these beasts known as mismatched white socks?

2. How often do you do laundry?

3. From the clean clothes basket to the kids' closets and drawers - how does this happen? When I make them do it, they stuff the basket in a corner of their room, then pile dirty clothes on top of that, and then I end up inadvertently doing loads of already-clean laundry, which is truly the last indignity.


Mathews Mark said...

As CBW said today the 3 of us will take a trip into the past! As I woke up this morning I was thinking what it would have been like to live back then? My great grand Daddy Capt. Russell once told me, He would rise every day before sun up, go out and feed his goats and chickens, gather the eggs for the cakes My great grand mother would make every day to sell at the local store. He would get his bait ready for his crab pots then go into the house and wash up for breakfast. My great grand Mother would have it all ready (she had been up and hour before him).He would sit down to a plate of boiled salt fish,or heron row and eggs (If they had a good month on the water there may be some fatback for the boiled fish) there would also be fresh roles or bread (weighing about 40 pounds) and fresh honey or mollasis depending on what time of the year it was. And coffee with a fresh glass of buttermilk. A meal fit for a king ( in my eyes he was). When the sun would peek over the trees He would get on his bike throw the bait (salted fish in a sack bag nasty) on his back and pedal 2 miles to his boat. He would have a line of crab pots to fish (100/150). Capt. Russell would skull to each pot (did not have a motor until late in life) and fish, sort and rebait all by hand! then he had to skull about 4 miles to the local market all before noon! After selling his catch (or throwing them back overboard if he did not like the price) he would head home. A late lunch would be ready for him (some kind of seafood Im sure) then repair crabpot,gilnets or help a friend out, building a boat, barn or what ever they needed. At 5pm it was off to church then back home,off to bed to start the day all over agian! Now thats a MAN in my book!!!! Ok Bayman throw down some energie drinks its time to go! we are burning day light. MM

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Scarily, I buy one (different) colour of socks for each person in the house. Not for me though, because I am special. Then I don't care, after that. So, can't be of much help. I do have a basket for orphan socks though. If they aren't claimed in a month, they're gone. Hard as nails, that's me.

2. I do laundry every day. At least twice, usually more. On bed-changing day, the washing machine emits a heavy sigh each time I walk up to it. I think it feels quite hard done by, and wishes a smaller family had taken it home from the store.

3. I take it upstairs and deliver it to the right rooms. The three eldest put theirs away, I do it for the youngest. Well, mostly, anyway.

4 (I know, you didn't HAVE a 4). I want to come blogfodderhunting with you!

Mathews Mark said...

Sorry Granny in my book you were a hell of a woman also the backbone of the family!!! Rest in piece both of ya. What was it like for your Great Grand Parents?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-That is priceless. We should put that up for a post in and of itself. You notice there wasn't one mention of potato chips, froot roll-ups, cheetos, pizza or taquitos in the description of his diet - people ate well and worked hard. BTW - I saw someone sculling on Queens Creek the other day. I had to do a double take.

I'm bringing you a 7-11 coffee at 8:30.


Mrs. F - I now bow down to you. TWO LOADS A DAY? Two? I am amazed and now feel that my two times a month schedule really needs to be reviewed. I do like your sock practice, though, and may soon adopt it.

Happy Friday.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

GAAAAH laundry makes me insane. We have a perpetual basket of unmatched socks, but I hold onto them because the strays end up under beds and the dog carries them outside and sometimes they find their way back to Mount Laundrest to be reunited with their kin.

I'm happy to hear your kids do that thing with the refusal to put the laundry away. I thought mine were the only ones.

Jamie said...

Mrs. F's comment makes me exhausted just reading it....

1. I don't match socks, if I can't find mates I just buy new ones.

2. Laundry is going on every other day usually, problem is no one wants to take it out of the dryer to fold it, and if I manage to to that for them then they don't want to put it away and it sits in the basket.

3. I find myself rewashing things all the time... sometimes because dirty and clean have been mised together in the basket or floor, sometimes because no one folded anything thing and it's all so wrinkled it can't be worn... I'd rather rewash than iron.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg, the outdoor socks are the worst. One time I went for a walk around the daffodiil fields and at the very farthest corner, which is a significant distance from the house here, I found a pair of socks. At least there were two of them. And yes, I picked them up and took them home even though they were mud-caked. You never know where you'll find socks around here. One time CB Son found a clean sock balled up in his pants pocket at school on the playground.

Jamie-I would rather wear a burlap sack than iron anything. WE are known to "fluff things up" in the dryer as a last ditch effort to tame wrinkles. But as you say, I will rewash before ironing if all else fails. I will not ever iron again. Never.

WEll, Bay Man has announced that he won't be joining us because he's way behind on his morning duties...which translated means he's on Gwynn's Island time.

Daryl said...

Just buy all the same color/style socks and then you just keep pairing 'em til you find a widow ... toss that puppy aside and shake out all the other clothes you've dried, the missing sock will show up, if not toss it or fill it with catnip and make it into a toy ...and that is the end of my original thinking for a Friday morning.

I hope any and all good Blog spots will be remembered for BlogFest visit ... just sayin'

Hey MM .. Hey BM

WV is parnu.. its Yiddish for asking if the golfer ahead of you hit par: 'excuse me interrupting, par nu?'

Trisha said...

Laundry. Now, that is just the bane of everyone's existance, isn't it?

Caution Flag said...

I just threw out an entire laundry basket of unpaired socks. They filled an entire garbage bag. Then I bought each child ONE small package of socks with the admonition to put that day's socks into the washer every night. We'll see how many hours this works.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Well, we had a very productive morning, Mathews Mark and I. Can't wait to show some of the pictures I took - hopefully by early next week. There were many places I'd never seen before, and having Mark as a narrator (and driver) was priceless. (Next time I need to videotape the adventure.)

In the mean time, Mathews Mark will be in charge of the blog/comments section until I am back on-line.

Now I must go check myself for ticks. Taking photos around here can involve quite a bit of rugged terrain filled with snakes, ticks and who knows what else.

ghostless said...

Laundry...I have a wonderful husband who does the laundry even though he works and I don't...o.k. I know ...I am spoiled!
Socks...he gives me his white socks with the holes in the heels so I know they are mine and any that are good are his!
Fair trade off for doing the laundry!!

Mental P Mama said...

I did FIVE loads of socks when Augie came home from school. I think he just bought new ones all year long so he wouldn't have to wash and match them up. GAH.

Have fun!

big hair envy said...

Can't wait to see what new treasures you've uncovered!!

I can hardly open my laundry room door at the moment because of all of the dirty clothes. My solution is to just continue to toss stuff in there and hope for the best. Wonder if the cat is in there...

foolery said...

What Mathews Mark wrote would be a total boon to an area historian or sociology professor -- you know the type. The first thing lost from history is the texture, the tiny details like Mark provided. What a rare treat. Thanks Mark -- more! More!

nativedevil said...

Mathews Mark, that is a great story. Thanks for sharing it!
As for laundry and socks, if we can't find the match, we toss the singles into an extra basket. Every few months, we go through it and match what we can. The rest go to the rag pile.

~Ashley~ said...

I have a question I live in Moon now I believe I mentioned. Is Haven beach a nice beach? My daughter says her friends think its trashy but it seemed nice to me when we drove by. I'm right down the street from it so it seemed convenient.

deborah said...

Mathews Mark, our great grandparents had to work for every penny and didn't have time to be bored or regret anything. Loved your history!

Laundry - ugh! My sons do their own laundry so the sock thing is up to them. I do see a lot of new packages of socks coming into the house tho-

Since my husband can't bend over (at all..another story) I put his socks and shoes on for him each day. And I still lose several socks each load to the Mt. Laundress goddess. Sacrificial? Who knows?

I do laundry pretty much as we need clean unwrinkled clothing now. Used to do several loads a day but since my sons are old enough to work and have sex, then I consider them adult enough to do their own laundry.

Can't wait for the blogs from your adventures today!

Mathews Mark said...

Ashley, the public beach's in Mathews are mow maintained by the county.They should be well kept. If not complain to the county supervisors its your tax money at work there.MM