Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things

Step right up, folks, and welcome to another episode of As the World Turns Three Thing Thursday, where I share three random thoughts and you hopefully do the same.

Let's get started

1. My stockpile of photos pre-loaded onto Blogger is dwindling, and even worse I've not had time to take photos, download and then upload them, which usually takes approximately several months days. Hence, we have the photo above of creek mud and periwinkles Canada geese at sunset, complete with too much glare, one leg missing, and one neck contorted into a water fowl pretzel.

In short, this photo represents the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay Woman Barrel.

2. This weekend there's a Relay for Life event at the high school, and our one and only Re aka Ann Marie needs sponsors. Please visit her site for info on how you can participate in the fight against cancer. In return, she promises to make some of her award-winning deviled eggs. Plus hush puppies. And fried fish. And macaroni salad. And succotash.

If she tells me she can fry chicken I'm going to have to put up a For Sale sign and move down to Bavon in spite of the infestation overabundance of insects and fiddler crabs.

3. This morning as I was counting the minutes of my life wasting away behind the steering wheel commuting to work, NPR had a piece on roller derby and how it's still alive and well with over 500 (!) leagues worldwide. I was born with no other purpose than to be a roller derby-er and would like to know where and when I can sign up. Do you they accept 45-year-olds with graying hair and Vitamin D deficiencies? Perhaps I can get the makers of Boniva, the osteoporosis medication, to be my sponsor.

Now it's your turn. Please share three things or more things. Random or related. Good or bad. Funny or sad. Mindless or cerebral.

Whatever you want.


Mathews Mark said...

After my bestis (bestis, you can see where this is going) friend Sandpiper Reef owner, Liz,told me she had Sugar Toads on special this week, I got to thinking (these days it is scary when I get thinking) 1. Who in the HELL changed the name to sugar toads? I know them as blow toads or swell toads. 2.Who in the HELL was the first person to eat one? all though they are very good (chickin of the sea) We used them for crab pot bait!3. Ok while we are on the eating subject, who in the HELL was the first person to eat a crab or better yet and oyster ? think about it. They must have been starved to death!!!!!!!!!!! more on this subject later got to go!!! MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


1. Never heard them called Sugar Toads.
2. They are blow toads.
3. They are also the last thing--the very last thing AFTER a fiddler crab I would eat.
4. We need to talk to bestest friend, she might need a vacation.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, one more comment and then I'll drop it.

Even if this toad were coated in sugar or even if it tasted amazingly delicious, by virtue of the fact that the word "toad" is in the title, I would never order it.

Sugar toads?

Ann Marie said...

They are in fact blow toads but the come here's call them sugar toads so that people will order them..
Just saying..

I mean really could you keep a straight face while ordering a Blow Toad from the menu after a drink or two.. nope can't happen

and what do you mean IF I can fry chicken... girl I can fry a chicken that will make you smack your granny. just saying.
Tell ya what you have a better view I will just move in with you..

Ann Marie said...

I didn't do three...
1. tomorrow I will spend the day with my bestest friend at Riverside hospital while she undergoes her SECOND surgery to remove cancer this year.. by the way this will be like her FIFTH surgery this year..

2. Saturday I will spend the day walking around and around the track at Mathews High school in attempts to walk enough steps so as the smart scientist boys and girls will find a cure for this dreadful thing.

3. Sunday I will spend lying on the beach at the island with my feet in a bucket of ice.

Mathews Mark said...

CBW You may be thinking of oyster toads or sometimes called mud toads. The big mouth slimmy fish, when you hook it on your pole we all was try to con someone else to take it off. Sugar Toads or Blow toads are very,very good they fight over them when the watermen come in with a load. It is a piece of firm white meat, not fishy at all and no bones Im gona save you some to try!! I bet bayman likes them!! ok back to oyster toads maybe I will be the first one to try it? Blogfest maybe if I can figure out how to clean them!! They are just plane nasty but you no me dare me and see what happens. MM How the HELL did i get on this subject? as you can tell my word of the day is HELL thats were im going if I dont change my ways and learn to spell, type and proper grama HE HE!!! AS Bill And Ted would say have and excellent day. MM

Jamie said...

1. I would eat a fiddler crab before I touched a blow toad. And the only thing worse than eating a blow toad would be eating a toad fish. The word toad is not one I want used in describing something I am putting in my mouth- even if the word sugar is used, or even choclate covered.

2. Hoping I manage to make it to Sandpiper Reef next weekend because obviously (other than the blow toad issue) I'm missing out on something.

3. The thought of the massive nasty oil spill managing to get into the Loop current and wind it's way around Florida and up the east coast towards the Bay is absolutely infuriating and I'm curious why our government can stick their noses everywhere else but seems to be sitting on their hands in regards to this. (stepping off the soap box now)

Mathews Mark said...

ok ok ok enough of what you won't eat Sugar/blow/swell toads are on the menu for blogfest period and everyone is goin to try one if I have to put it in your drink!!! Live a little people! you eat chicken what could be nastier??? LOL MM

Mental P Mama said...

1. I ain't eating any kind of toad.
2. I gave to Re already!!!!! So proud of her!
3. Fried chicken, too???

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I don't eat eggs. I would rather eat a blow toad. I don't know what it is, but I'm sure I would rather!

2. I can't rollerkate. Nor ice skate. come to that.

3. I have lost (what was left of )my mind. There is a compressor to my left, a nail gun to my right, and seven children running around the basement. Not all mine.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I don't care what they taste like, it is not right.

"Hi, welcome to Sandpiper. Did you see our list of specials? Ok then. First we have a surf and turf option with filet mignon, shrimp and scallops. We also have grilled tuna, which is excellent. Last up we have sugar toad. Even though toad is in the name, it isn't really a toad, it's a delicacy. Tastes like chicken."

Nope. I just can't see saying that with a straight face.

I will be willing to watch someone eat sugar toad but that's as far as I'm going.

MM-Mud toads is exactly what I was thinking about, but I always called them blow toads too. In any case, nothing with toad in the title will be coming near me on a fork.

However, I'm sure if anyone can serve a good sugar toad, it's Sandpiper. I think people should go just for the curiosity factor. I migh tbe heading there tonight...

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. I have eaten my fair share of oddities, mostly at the hand of some Greek archaeologists who thought they could make an American squirm...wrong, but I think I might draw the line at sugar toad.
2. Marine Science Day at VIMS this weekend. Loads of fun...wonder what is on the menu?
3. Thanks for walking Ann Marie. I will donate after lunch when I find my wallet which is lost at the moment in my car.

Breezeway said...

Blow toads are delicious! And they in no way resemble a toad, frog or any other critter of that sort. Not sure how they got that crappy name =) We always called them puffer fish. Nicer name huh? They are actually really cute!
Mud toads, however, are another thing entirely. No good use for them. I always swore that if they had a Mud Toad citation weight, I would surpass it. Some of those suckers are HUGE!!!! And if there is one within a ten mile radius of my fishing line, you can be sure I will be reeling it in at some point!
Really, really, really tired of high school/family/stupid people drama! If folks would mind their own darned business occassionally, my life would be sooooo much nicer!

Mathews Mark said...

Yall will eat bait (squid) or nasty raw fish but you won't trust me to eat one of the finner things out of the bay, come on! trust me! this is Mathews Mark you are talking to.Ok we will call them sugar babys or as some of the guinemen call them sugar darlins meaning money makers!!

Mrs F with 4 said...

Breezeway - Are you SURE you want to be calling then 'puffer fish'? I mean, they are only about the most poisonous fish in the world...?

deborah said...

This has gotten toadally out of control toads for me, sugar coated or not. Won't eat frog legs so sure as hell not eating toads.
2. Nothing going on here except both my boys are getting ready for their vacations.
Second son is spending a week at the beach. 10 people, including 2 young children and a baby, in a 2 bedroom condo. Hope they make it safely...but hope it rains so they can see if they are really truly friends:))
3. Someone please please adopt the sweet dog Daryl has featured\ on her blog. I would if I lived closer.
Good weekend, folks!

deborah said...

Bayman said...

1. Talk about "swolled up."

2. They turn into a yellow ball when you real them out of the water.

3. I have heard many times they are quite delicious, though I have never tried one. It is a plain white meat fillet. Probably what MacDonald's uses for the fillet of fish? I love soft crabs, so I would certainly be willing to eat a piece of fish.

foolery said...

1. One of my nicknames is Toad.
2. Another nickname I can claim is Froggums.
3. There is also Toadums-Froggums, plus other variations, but this is not 16-Thing Thursday, so I'll stop. But please do not batter and fry me at Blogfest.

Country Girl said...

1. I'll pass on the sugar toads.
2. I don't believe they taste like chicken.
3. I feel sick just thinking about them.

big hair envy said...

1. The puppy has a home!
2. The puppy has a home!
3. The puppy has a home!

~Ashley~ said...

the closest derby to us is the dominion derby girls. I have a friend in roanoke who is in her 40s I believe and is doing derby. Matter of fact this weekend she will be in Portsmith to have a bout against the Dominion derby girls, unfortunately I can't make it, but I bet its a blast. I've always loved watching it.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Sugar toads? Sorry, no can do. Clams and mussels and crabs, sure, but not toads.

BHE, that's great news about the puppy!

Diane said...

Seattle has a wonderful roller derby league, called Rat City Roller Girls. (West Seattle is affectionately known as Rat City)I'll be your b iggest fan!

I don't eat toads.

On the white socks, when the girls were younger, I bought bags and bags of matching crew socks. I could pull 100 socks out of the dryer and at least 90 of them would look like they belonged together. 10 would morph into something unspeakable!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I dont love toads!
I love BHE!
And I love RE!
And I love Blisters!