Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fiddler on the Road

Sunday's Diversion Excursion (where Daughter and I attempted to focus on anything other than the fact that Son had just returned home from being away all week and immediately trotted off up the road with friends) took us to Bethel Beach, which on this particular day was sunny, breezy and warm.

On the way there, I had to swerve several times to avoid a pesky road hazard.

This particular road hazard blends in quite well with its own habitat, 
otherwise known as swamp mud the marsh.

On the surface, all seems OK. There's nothing going on here.

But the predator is there.

And that predator is also all over the roads of Onemo.

It's important to note that the roads of Onemo are rarely barely above sea level, which may explain why these beasts are confused about where they belong.

Anyway, even though they're not my favorite creatures, I do try to avoid running over them, which makes for a very exciting Sunday drive, particularly if you're Chesapeake Bay Daughter, who hasn't been down this way and experienced Driving to Avoid Fiddler Crabs in some time.


Country Girl said...

Perfect post title. Enjoy your Tuesday, my friend.

Annie said...

Are they any good for eating?

Perhaps you could bring a scoop and bucket? It is hard to know how big they are from your photos.

Must be disconcerting to say the least to be driving over them, I've forgotten is they are just seasonal..as in they come in on the road once and go out again another day?

Anonymous said...

Fiddlesticks ! Maybe this phenomenom inspired creation of this word.
Do fiddles have sticks? Not that I know of...maybe some hapless Virginian was trying to cross a crab over run path and cursed the crabs. Instead of using the original profanity, the cuss word was changed to the tame version of fiddle-STICKS.
Lesson for today is now concluded.
Bora Bora seems to be a very sensible plan....chilluns do have a way of leaving our nests and forgetting they ever had a parent, as I am discovering.

Dghawk said...

Interesting looking little creatures,aren't they? I would probably be going "eeeuuu!" or "yuck!", all the wile driving at a snails pace trying not to run over them. Do they crunch or pop like the little frogs on the road after a rain storm? Eeeuuu!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

CG-Enjoy your week off to the extent possible.

Annie-These are too small to be worth the bother, which is a shame since they're so abundant. (They are tiny.) We use a scoop/net and bucket for the bigger blue crabs though. Haven't done that in a while, not since Son and Daughter were much younger.

LLC-I love your lessons, please keep them coming. Bora Bora will always be in my game plan, whether it's achievable or not. (I am sorry for what you're dealing with.)

DGH - They're so tiny, you barely see them in the road. Thankfully, I didn't run over any--just saw them at the last minute and swerved accordingly without landing in any of the Grand Canyon of ditches on either side of our back roads.

Daryl said...