Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This boat lives over at Locklies Marina in Topping.  

This week is weirder than usual an unusual one here in the Chesapeake Bay household:  Son is at Radford University attending Boys State all week, leaving Daughter and I wondering what on Earth we are going to do when he leaves next year for college.  We both rely on him for so much, from companionship (for her) to everything! help! I miss him! serving as a sounding board and helping the technically challenged (that'd be me).

Usually in the evenings as I am loading photos and typing this silly blog, he's within earshot streaming reruns of Parks and Rec or some other comedy over Netflix, and my concentration (such as it is--wait, is that something sparkly? It is!) is always interrupted by his laughter, which I absolutely love.

Anyway, enough of my sentimental blathering. He's fine and is enjoying a great opportunity.  Daughter and I are also fine and will have some quality time together.

But we really can't wait until Saturday when he comes home.


Kay L. Davies said...

I think I can understand how you feel. My youngest brother is 21 years younger than I am, and I had no children of my own, so I got to play an active role on The Committee That Raised Rob.
That meant he stayed with me during high school and college when Mom and Dad were wintering in Mexico. When he got a place of his own, I'm sure I missed him just as much as they did. He was smart, happy, helpful, funny, and made me laugh. (Drove me crazy at times, too, of course.)
Love your workboat photos. I love working boats. My favorites are tugs. I adore tugboats.

deborah said...

The working boats here are tugs and tows, love to watch them pull and push the barges on the Ohio river...I do know how you much you miss your son, my youngest is happily living in his new home we don't see him as often as we would like. It's a big adjustment but as long as its for their good we have to be tough unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this,but it is just starting my friend!! MM...let me know if you need a big shoulder to cry on....been there done that!!

Meg McCormick said...

I feel ya. It's melancholy, isn't it? I remarked to Curt last night, about how I remembered the exhilaration of the summer before senior year, and now our Seth is there in the midst of just that. Trying to give him more freedom yet keep him between the proverbial ditches while we still can.

My mom once remarked that the goal of parenthood is pretty much to work yourself out of a job. If you do it right, your kids will still love you, but they won't NEED you. I'm okay with that, ultimately, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it just yet.

thomas said...

Round stern boats......excellent pictures.

Dghawk said...

Ohhhhh...I wanna go fishin!!!