Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things

Queens Creek

Once upon a time, many moons ago, this blog featured something called Three Thing Thursday (click here for proof), where the blogger spewed forth posted three random thoughts--whatever happened to be on her mind at the moment--and the reader was invited to do the same. The blogger, who was a bit more diligent at the time, viewed this as her "day off" from blogging, because she didn't have to focus on a particular topic or subject.

Then one day the blogger's life became so busy that all she could muster was tossing up a few photos and spewing forth random thoughts, routinely.  So, really, there was no need to designate a special day for random spewing thoughts.

In spite of all this, today we are declaring a Three Thing Thursday, where you are encouraged to share three random thoughts, whatever happens to pop into your mind at this moment.

I'll begin.

1. These pictures are from the one day recently when the National Weather Service at Wakefield didn't include warnings about floods, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, locusts water spouts, hail the size of softballs quarters, gale-force winds, blinding rain, and mosquitoes the size of flamingos. Despite these warnings, the worst we've received is mosquitoes the size of flamingos rain.  Rain.  More rain.  And then some more.  So when the sun and blue sky made themselves known, I was sure to snap a picture.

2.   It still amazes me how easily I lapse into the third person on this blog, almost always when referencing something I wish to avoid, such as the fact that I haven't really maintained or focused on this blog in four years a while.

3. Due to the forty days and forty nights of rain, Daughter has forty thousand softball games jam-packed into a two-week time frame.

4.  (Because three is only a suggestion.)  I simply cannot wait to go on vacation.

Now it's your turn to share three things.  Or four things. Two things or more things.  Whatever tickles your fancy fantasy, as a friend of mine from Finland used to say.

Anything at all.


Kay L. Davies said...

Yay. I've missed this fun event. And most of your hit and miss blogging. My fault. I was very sick, but now I'm not.
Three things.
1. We want to take our dog to British Columbia with us. She doesn't need a passport to cross the provincial border, but she does need flea and tick repellent from the vet. Ugh.
2. See above. Yes, I was very sick for a year or so, decided I'd had about enough of that nonsense, and told our family doctor "someone has to do something about this" and, much to my surprise, he immediately changed my blood-sugar medication, and to my even greater surprise, it worked.
3. I don't have my strength back yet, but I'm working at it. Peeled and cooked a huge pot of veggies today. Did something else yesterday, but I forget what. Am going to tackle some laundry tomorrow. Can you imagine being so sick you can barely walk from one end of the house to the other (45 ft.) and can't cook or do laundry? I was like that. For months.
4. (Because you said 4 things.) I never want to feel like that again unless I'm 84 and dying.

Annie said...

Well, I'm with more ways than one. I've missed three thing Thursday. And yes, I have been so sick/tired, I've not been able to walk, or do more than one thing a day. To go shopping, get up dressed, go shopping early so I don't meet anyone to talk to. Come home, drop shopping on the floor, and lie down for an hour or so, until I have enough energy to put shopping away. Go back and lie down. My daughter had the virus at the same time. That was all a long while ago, 20 years ago, when she was doing her final years at school. She had to take a term off, and the next term, took Wednesdays off.

Six months it took. I would never have known that anyone could be like that unless I had experienced it myself. Thought it was chronic fatigue, but it was called cox-sackie virus, and it took six months to exit the body. It affects the muscles, like polio, (a relative of the polio virus), and if one were to do excessive exercise one could end up with a heart attack. In fact younger people often do have a heart attack, because they don't know to rest!!!

Am exhausted now, but that's cos I have just sold my house and shifted into another. Taking my time unpacking. Only took a week to find the cutlery!! Cooked my first meal tonight.

Love being so close to the grand children that I can mind them after school. Delightful. It will also be nice to get to the beach lots more often. Maybe I can post nice beach-y photos just like cbw.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Not that I don't love all your posts (because I do), but I've missed 3 Thing Thursday and was actually thinking about it yesterday.
1.I just got a new chicken. I've named her Blaze Starr after a well known Baltimore Stripper. why you ask? Because the chicken is a red sexlink, sex- stripper the other name is a red star star-stripper-Blaze Starr (also the chicken is red so was Blaze's hair).

2. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world with a chicken named after a stripper.

3. The Brat Child suggested naming one of the chickens Justin Beaver. I don't know why. He hates Justin Beaver. And now I'm thinking one named for a stripper and one named Justin Beaver might be a bit much.

4. I really had no intentions of discussing chickens, strippers or Justin Beavers in my 3 + things.

Daryl said...

that is truly gorgeous ...

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. I can't wait for vacation.

2. I wish everyone would get well.

3. My garden is like a rice paddy and we are in some kind of red zone for today.