Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun in the Sun II

Wolf Trap Light is off in the distance, a speck on the horizon.

After a full range of stumbling blocks, which included wheels randomly falling off of boat trailers, the better part of Sunday afternoon was spent at a Horn Harbor beach celebrating my friend's Glenda's birthday.

Captain Craig and Billy

Lisa (left) is Capt. Craig's wife.  Billy (upper right) is Glenda's boyfriend.
(There will be a pop quiz* at the end of this blog post, so hopefully you're taking notes.)


See?  I told you there were cupcakes in the cargo hold of that skiff.





Henry and Luke

A Flock of Sea Girls

In spite of all outward appearances, the water was only about four inches deep here.

Most of the day's participants are hovering near the age of 50.

Happy Birthday, Glenda!

A great time was had by all.

*Pop Quiz

1.  When do almost-50-year-olds stop feeling and behaving like 18-year-olds?
2.  Why did we use floats when the water was ankle deep?

Answers:  1.  Hopefully never.  2.  Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Three words for the birthday, turning almost 50 and floating in ankle deep water: Fab-u-lous.


Annie said...

Sounds great. Nice to be warming up there. A little chillier here now for the beach.
Not to mention moving in to a new home sort of takes up a bit of time.

deborah said...

looks like everybody had a great time!
Is there a certain age limit for growing up? If so, I missed it...even when 'adult' life tries to take over. Looks like the water was warm, so relaxing.

Anonymous said...

More like a flock of Loons ....LOL looks like you were having a blast!! like it when you smile!!! MM

Anonymous said...

A flock of sea girls. LOL LOL LOL. Those cupcakes look yummy. Betsy

Paula said...

Wow, looks like a great time. Happy Birthday Glenda! Class of 82 will never grow least in our minds. LOL This is why I miss Mathews so much. Great times at the BEACHES with the best FRIENDS in the world! Love ya Girls!


Daryl said...

what fun ... love those cupcakes

Renee' said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.