Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun in the Sun

On Sunday, in celebration of our friend Glenda's birthday, several high school classmates invited me on a little boat excursion to a beach near Horn Harbor.  Because there were so many adults, kids, and the associated beach paraphernalia, two boats were needed.  On the way to the landing at Horn Harbor, however, one of the boat trailers lost a wheel.

That meant the responsibility of ferrying all the people and paraphernalia fell on one person and his not always reliable trusty boat.

Here he comes now. Craig and his wife Lisa are sometimes ribbed 
because their boat is often the one that isn't working.
But today? Craig was The Man.

Betsy and Henry, my friend Alda's children, are becoming regulars on this blog.
They were eagerly awaiting a day of fun and frivolity at the beach.

The cast of characters:  Billy, Birthday Girl Glenda, Alda, Catherine, and Willie B.
Here, everyone offers advice on  the most efficient and effective way to transport everything in one smallish boat. A decision was made to make four two trips.

More than a few of us contemplated offering the people in this pontoon boat
twenty bucks just to help tote everything, but we never got up the courage to ask.

After so much debate about the logistics, a few of our
younger passengers started to wonder if this celebration was
ever going to get off the ground.  Or away from the dock, as it were.

Finally, someone made some executive decisions, and we started the embarkation process.
Safety was first and foremost on everyone's minds.  Somewhere under
all that jumble of stuff were ample life jackets.  (And a kitchen sink, too.)
(I'm not kidding when I say there were cupcakes,  fried chicken, and strawberries with chocolate sauce.  All beach essentials, no?)

Cruise Director Betsy was offering opinions on who should sit where.
(She even looks a little like Julie from The Love Boat.)

The Birthday Girl didn't care about the logistics.
She was thrilled to be on board
and just as happy as a birthday clam.

After the captain reviewed the emergency evacuation plan,
they were off!  Alda is giving the signal that all systems are go.
~~~Giddy up.~~~

Attention!  Passengers must remain seated with hands and feet inside the
vessel at all times.  I used to work at an amusement park, so this
was my first reaction upon seeing Catherine stand up.  Alda can tell
quite the amusing story of how Catherine capsized in a canoe on an overnight trip down the Rappahannock River. Poison ivy and other unfortunate events were involved.
Although I've heard the story more than a few times, I'm always begging her to stop so I can catch my breath. It's that funny. 

And they're off!
(What, exactly, is Alda doing back there?)

I was one of three who stayed behind for the second trip.

Tune in next time to see how our passengers fared with  their three hour tour and an afternoon at the beach.


deborah said...

only fun amongst friends! The boat does seem to be at its maximum capacity though:)

Anonymous said...

Looking at that very full boat going off in the distance, I am glad to know they reached their destination.
Should you all have been marooned, you had funny stories, strawberries and chocolate sauce to get you through the ordeal. How bad could that be ?

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Is Alda even IN the boat?

I worry more about the return trip.

Country Girl said...

Fun! And I would have asked. You know? Offering the $20.