Friday, July 11, 2014


This charming structure sits high on a hill overlooking Locklies Creek off of Regent Road over in Topping.

It's near Regent Point Marina and my favorite restaurant (also my son's employer) Merroir.

Although I have boatloads of chores that I'm absolutely dreading this weekend--but must focus attention on lest we drown in laundry and dog hair--I hope to make time to do something enjoyable.  Maybe take some pictures or perhaps make a trip to Merroir.  Who knows.

I hope your weekend is a good one.


Deltaville Jamie said...

There was a plane crash this past Sunday in Topping. I think in front of Eckard's. Laundry is on my list because if I don't go to the laundromat tonight (the worst thing about my move is the laundromat) we will be naked tomorrow. Nobody wants that.

big hair envy said...

I hope you're going to squeeze in a little trip to Clancie Saturday evening to celebrate with my crazy clan. I have pirate eye patches. THAT should make for some great photos :) TGIF

Anonymous said...

You have found and photographed the dream home cottage for many, --definitely for me...AND it is near the marina and still my fantasizing heart.
Have a great weekend and have a little fun away from dog hair and laundry piles. I am going north for the first time in years to have a few days of fun(crazy laughter) with my bestest friend...who just got married last fall at age 65. The trip will likely save my sanity--not a drop of exaggeration in that statement.