Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The shot above, taken from Aarons Beach, includes a sailboat skimming the bay way off in the distance.

Below is a closer shot.

Below, when I try to get closer, it appears that the water and the boat are headed clear out of the left side of the picture.  That's because my camera's excellent zoom really requires a tripod, which I've never purchased.  (I never purchased those photography lessons either, even though it was declared a New Year's Resolution back in 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012.) And sometimes I'm so focused on keeping the camera steady enough to use the zoom that I forget to pay attention to the overall shot itself.

This exciting commentary is brought to you courtesy of three days left before vacation! and way too much to get done before we leave.

I hope your week is moving along as smoothly as this sailboat.  Only without the slant in that last shot.


Anonymous said...

You take beautiful pictures. You get your inspiration from mother nature I take it. Have you ever experimented with any evening or night time beach photography? I have always wanted to find a perfect night time photo with the moonlight reflecting off the calm water.

Dghawk said...

Hope you are staying safe with all these storms. Your pictures are a soothing salve for the soul and I wish I could be like one of those birds and have nothing to do except sit on a piling all day. Oh well.

Have a wonderful vacation next week!