Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Captain Ellery

Here are a few more shots taken during Saturday's pontoon boat ride over on the Northern Neck.

(That's a lot of oyster shells.)

The name on the big boat is Capt. Ellery, although when I first saw it, I thought it said Captain Celery--thanks in no small part to aging eyes, bright sunlight, exhaustion, general confusion, and a newly acquired ability to transpose letters.

Frankly, I like Captain Celery better.

There should be a Captain Celery.  I could write all kinds of stories about a Captain Celery.

It might not be as dignified a name as Captain Ellery, but still.

I see potential.

Also, I think I'm way overdue for a vacation, which isn't happening for a few weeks.

In the meantime, I'll continue writing nonsensical posts about nonexistent superheros named after vegetables, in between long days at work and worrying about a potential tropical storm or even hurricane this weekend.

It's still too early to tell, but at a minimum it looks like we'll be seeing some rain towards the end of the week.

Captain Celery, take me away!

For more information on the real Ellery and his seafood business, click here.


Anonymous said...

At midnight, you are more than entitled to be tired and commence to rambling...
the boat ride photos and water views are so refreshing. Very welcome after the harrowing match between U.S. and Belgium today. I am such a soccer mom(one son played in elementary school five yrs., then as a teen, coached his younger brother's team),when Uber Goalie Tim Howard broke down during his post-game interview, I got teary eyed myself.Poor guy.
Hope the rest of the week goes by quickly for you !

Anonymous said...

And all who ride on the Captain Celery shall be required to wear crab hats! Betsy

growing wild on waverly lane said...

May I borrow Capt. Celery, salad warrior?