Monday, June 30, 2014


These were taken Saturday from Carters Creek over on the Northern Neck on what I would call a rather impromptu pontoon boat ride.

The fact that I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a spontaneous pontoon boat ride is not something I take for granted.  

It was a wonderful surprise and a beautiful day.

And now it's Monday.  (Insert the sound of someone ripping the needle off a record.)

By Friday, July 4th will be upon us.

If we blink more than twice, it might be time to pull out the dreaded Christmas tree.

I'm not going to blink.

I love summer.


Anonymous said...

We were just down in Williamsburg again and couldn't believe how many osprey are in your part of the world. More than I've seen anywhere else. Guess they know a good place! Betsy

Country Girl said...

I know you do! These are wonderful, CBW. Hope your week is a quick one to Friday.

Deltaville Jamie said...

There were osprey in the Bahamas. I found that comforting somehow. Not that I needed comfort sipping pina coladas at the adult serenity pool on the ship. I'm looking forward to the weekend and hoping to take in the Mathews firework spectacular.

Daryl said...

oh there is an upside to Christmas .. it means a
NYC ronde-voouzzzzz … but til then i think we should all enjoy us some summer