Friday, June 20, 2014

Emmett H.

This is the Emmett H, a gorgeous boat that lives at Winter Harbor.

I took these a couple weekends ago from the beach where my friends Glenda and Billy took me.

This has been a long week at work--it is busy season there, so the days are long and all the issues are urgent. Just as the school calendar to which I'm chained winds down, my job gets busier.  At least it doesn't happen at the same time, I guess I can be grateful for that.

Anyway, after another long day, that in addition to the usual madness included an EMG* for some nagging nerve pain, I was thrilled to get a message from Billy asking if I wanted to join them for another day out on the boat on Saturday.

Oh, yes.  Yes, I do.

Aside from a jog, Saturday's boat excursion is the only thing on my weekend's horizon.

And that's just fine with me.

I hope your weekend is wonderful.


*P.S. If a doctor ever suggests that you need an EMG to determine the cause of otherwise unexplained nerve pain, be sure to explain to the doctor that all of a sudden a miracle has occurred, and there is no more nerve pain and you do not need an EMG. Even if that's a blatant lie. Getting shocked for thirty minutes straight and then spending another thirty minutes having needles plunged directly into those same nerves should be against the law.  That's the last time I'm doing that. I still love my doctor though, she just wanted to be sure nothing awful was wrong. And I also appreciate the poor person who had to give me the EMG, who clearly has more patience than any other human being alive.


Anonymous said...

So Sorry to hear about your EMG episode....ruling out serious issues is one thing, being allowed something to take the edge off the intense--uh--sensations probably should have been offered? (Not numb you, but take the edge off...)
A boat ride should be just the thing to even out the more challenging parts of the week...especially with wine on board.
Don't forget about trying supplements for your magnesium, better yet get your magnesium levels tested, as a painless way to rule out something else.

Daryl said...

oh no .. if you'd told me about this horrible stupid test before you went i would have said Do NOT do it .. i had one a few years ago it proved nothing except i hate the doctor who performed it and it was THE most horrible medical experience i have ever had ...

Meg McCormick said...

So EMG is French for torture, oui?