Friday, June 6, 2014

New Point

Here are a few more scenes from Saturday's boat trip to New Point.

In spite of the fact that the end of the school year is just about on top of us, and Son graduates in a week, it doesn't feel as though anything has slowed down at all. Not one bit.

Work is busy, the teenagers are busy, there's lots of stuff going on.

I'm glad the weekend is finally here.

May yours be peaceful and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend. Loved the 50th birthday party story. For someone who lives "out in the middle of nowhere" you regularly seem to have much more interesting weekends than us folk here in the busy busy cities. Betsy

Deltaville Jamie said...

Peaceful.... not a chance. It's the last minute scramble to get all that stuff I need to do for the wedding that I've put off until the last minute done for the wedding. Last night I was up late working on music. While doing that I realized my favorite paranormal talk radio show was on air so I tuned in. Then in a moment of brilliance I decided since I knew a little something about the topic I would call in at 1am and stay up longer. It was 2ish when I finally went to bed. Then up at 5:30. I'm too darn old to stay up till past 2am on a work night. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Daryl said...

sounds like it was a wonderful party even with the choppy water .. i for one would have puked my guts up ..