Wednesday, June 4, 2014

50th Birthday

Once upon a time, a girl named Glenda decided to celebrate her foray into a foreign age known as 50 by inviting friends to a beach-side party on an island just off New Point.

As usual, Chesapeake Bay Woman was thrilled to be invited but relied on the kindness of others to deliver her from shore to the destination, since a boat is required.  The last two times she joined this group on beach adventures, there were all sorts of misadventures, such as tires falling off trailers and other assorted boat trailer structural issues.

(Click here and here for those stories.)

The point is, CBW knows there is never a guarantee that just because one has received an invitation to such an unusual event as a birthday party on a deserted island that one is ever going to make it there due to Murphy's Law, weather, and/or the syndrome known as Tire, Boat and Other Structural Issues Preventing Maritime Mirth.

Therefore, everyone was relieved when at least the majority of the people and boats scheduled to show 
up at New Point actually did.

Above, Alda and Lawrence start unloading their boat, which they took from Horn Harbor Marina to New Point.

They followed the boat I was in which belongs to Billy and Birthday Girl Glenda.

Coming "around the horn" there was--evidently--lots of wind.  I say evidently because all was lost on me, the kid in the candy shop.  Thrilled to be out there, I took every bounce on a wave like a ride at Busch Gardens.  Throwing my hands up in the air, fists clenched,  I yelled directly into the sea spray coming off the side of the boat that drenched our faces and plastered our hair down. "BRING IT!"

It's hard to notice that there might be reason to be worried or concerned or careful when one is so caught up in having fun.  But it happens.

While CBW was busy being oblivious, Captain Billy carefully navigated slowly and methodically so that Alda and Lawrence, in a smaller boat behind us, were able to safely negotiate the incoming wind and waves.

The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and, aside from a choppy ride over that took a little longer than anyone expected, everyone was happy.

(The passengers on Alda and Lawrence's boat may have had other opinions.  But it was all good. Everybody made it without incident.)

(Well, almost everybody made it.)

After hearing how choppy the bay was, the rest of the birthday party--that included Catherine, Willie B. and Laura Lane--were told to please participate in Plan B, which did not involve taking a small craft out into the bay but rather entailed driving to the dock at Davis Creek and merely stepping aboard Craig's boat. Craig then safely delivered them to the island.

Everybody made it to the destination safe and sound.

The unloading of the boats began.

When these people set up shop on a deserted beach out in the middle of nowhere, they come well-prepared, let me tell you.  We had everything from cocktail wieners to 65 pieces of Best Value's delectable fried chicken, deviled eggs, baked beans and a one-of-a-kind birthday cake.

And that's just the start of what came off these boats. You'd have thought we were setting up for a wedding reception.

Absolute strangers came over to our area because they could smell the food and couldn't believe the spread.

These are no amateur party throwers, these friends of mine.

Here Chip delivers the box of Best Value fried chicken off the boat.  If he wasn't telling
himself, "Please Lord  don't let me drop this," I guarantee you every single one of us
drooling starving on shore was thinking--or maybe even shouting-- it.
That was some GOOD fried chicken.  And every piece did make it ashore without incident.

This was our main base of operations, before the buffet line food was set up.

Carol Ann and Lisa

Here the buffet stations food area started taking shape.
There was everything you could possibly imagine.

Glenda's cake.  

Willie B., Craig and Lawrence 

Here Alda poses innocently (?) with Birthday Girl Glenda's boyfriend

Birthday Girl Glenda and Alda's husband Lawrence
appear to be oblivious to what is going on in the photo above.

Carol Ann, who is indeed irresistible.  Or irresistable.
No matter how it's spelled, that's what she is.

Laura Lane

Catherine and Laura Lane.
(With lots of hand gestures to accompany the story.)



Willie B


Dear Chip, I know we've gone over this before, but I truly am sorry for stabbing
you in the hand with a pencil in Whatever Early Grade at Gloucester Day School.
Also, thanks for not dropping that box of Best Value chicken into the Chesapeake Bay.
We all greatly appreciate that. Truly.

Dear Billy, Thank you for delivering us safely to and from shore even
if one of your passengers was behaving like a teenager on a roller coaster
during the choppier moments. You have a great deal of patience.

Alda's daughter Betsy


So before we move on to the next photo, there's a story to tell relating to the aforementioned choppy waves on the bay.

As the day was winding down, we noticed the wind had picked up even more. Enough that everyone started to get cold.

That was the sign for us to leave.

Everyone else went back to Chip and Carol Ann's dock which did not require a trip "around the horn" into the choppy bay.

Those of us in Billy and Glenda's boat--which is a substantial boat--ventured back the way we came, very slowly.

There were more waves than before, and it seemed to take way longer to move any sort of distance, but some of us were still viewing it as a thrill ride--even with water now splashing around our knees ankles due to the water splashing into the boat.

The long story short is Captain Billy made an executive decision to turn around and head back to Chip and Carol Ann's dock, where we were greeted by the slightly worried welcoming crew below.

This is a Before Shot of Kain, who, along with his girlfriend Ashley, rode in the boat with us.
See how he looks like a strong, confident football player here?  

Well, by the time the return boat trip was over, Kain looked like this.
To survive what felt like an episode of Deadliest Catch,
Kain had donned Ashley's purple strapless terry cloth cover-up to keep warm.

Kain was so traumatized, he didn't even care whether everything
was covered up by the purple cover-up.

There was a lot of stuff going on.  

Everyone was relieved to 
be on solid ground, safe and sound,
no matter what we were doing for warmth.

The calm here is in such stark contrast to the trip we had just survived endured.

Glenda and Carol Ann

Aside from a few bumpy boat rides, the day was filled with fun and laughter.

Happy birthday to Glenda, and my thanks to everyone there 
for allowing me to join along in the Deadliest Catch episode fun.


Renee' Callis said...


Brian D said...

What a great way to celebrate a 50th birthday ,,, an island bash with lifelong friends, something Glenda will never forget

Deltaville Jamie said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only nut who hopes for choppy water on a boat ride. White caps? Time for a boat ride. Looks like lots of fun!

foolery said...

Whitecaps sound AWESOME right now. There would be a real risk of barfing, however.

It seems to me, Cheeky, that next year might be an important year, *ahem*, in our co-calendars. Apropos of nothing. As you were.

Lisa Sutton said...

Excellent adventures. Thank you for sharing!!

Susie Harmon said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the chicken...I didn't know at the time that this was what I was frying it for !! Thanks for the complements and ...not dropping it in the water

Veronica Roth said...

Holy smokes, what a glorious day! You lot really know how to have a wonderful time. But in such a fantastic setting on such a glorious day, with lovely friends, how could it be any better? :) Happy birthday to Glenda and many happy returns of the day.

Dghawk said...

What a wonderful day you had. What's a boat ride without wind and choppy water? Glad everyone made it back safe.