Monday, June 23, 2014


This elegant egret spent Saturday afternoon in the mud of the marsh off Winter Harbor.

I caught him contemplating the meaning of life on one of my breaks from playing games with my friend Glenda's girls on the nearby beach.

The weather started off iffy but later was sunny and unseasonably cool considering we're well into the month of June, usually heavy with humidity.

Saturday was spent on this wonderful beach.  Sunday I caught up on chores and ended up watching the USA-Portugal World Cup match.  After however many years of cheering on my daughter in soccer, I still don't know the rules find it hard to go from Wide Open to Zero on the spectator speedometer that summertime brings.

So World Cup has helped fill a void--says the person who hates watching sports on TV, even though she clutches a cowbell on the sidelines in real life.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the World Cup.


Daryl said...

there's an egret who lives near the lake in central park .. i have not been able to get a photo because i havent been there with the camera, only the iphone .. and last night since nothing else was on my husband put on the soccer game and got involved … with windows open for summer evenings w/o humidity it was clear from the sounds of cheering other Westsiders were watching too

Anonymous said...

That egret seemed to be posing for you in the most royally egretly way. Great photos.
I love soccer because it can be so engrossing even for those, like me, who do not understand the strategies, rules or dynamics of the sport.

Meg McCormick said...

THAT GAME. I sat and watched the last 30 minutes, as the US snatched a draw from the jaws of victory... Ugh. I find it boring, especially on TV, but the players are easy on the eyes. So there's that.