Wednesday, June 11, 2014


These were taken on Sunday's trip to the beach at Winter Harbor with friends Glenda and Billy.

It was a beautiful weekend with almost perfect weather: bright, clear skies, warm sunshine, a light breeze, and little to no humidity.

Fast forward to yesterday when the heat and humidity finally found Mathews County.

Yesterday I finally broke down and turned on my air conditioning.  Yes, believe it or not, I'd gone this long without turning it on, courtesy of an over-$300 heating bill earlier this year that set me off into outer space when I opened it up.  That was the most I'd ever had to pay Dominion Virginia Power for just one month of usage.

So, I went on strike, turned off the HVAC unit, told the kids to wear sweaters and blankets until the weather got warmer, and when it finally did get warmer, just turned open the windows and enjoyed some incoming layers of yellow pollen by day; incessant, blood-curdling fox screams and heron calls by night fresh air and the sounds of Nature.

Until yesterday, when not even Cheapskate CBW could take it anymore.

When turning on the A/C unit for the first time in months is the most newsworthy item in your life, it might be time to reevaluate things.  Of course, there are bigger and better things getting ready to happen, with Son's impending graduation, but this is the lull before the weekend's graduation storm.

Anyway, it's finally turned humid here in Mathews.

The End.


Anonymous said...

We did the same thing this year--opened the windows and swore no AC until we couldn't stand it anymore. Love airing the house out but yesterday we finally decided enough was enough. The good news is it's supposed to be a mild summer--so hopefully there will still be some window opening days ahead. Betsy

Deltaville Jamie said...

We haven't used the AC much either- turned it on 2 days ago. Hoping the humidity drops Saturday for you and me. Enjoy the weekend!

Country Girl said...

I turned mine on yesterday for the firs time. Lovely photos here ~