Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We've just returned from spending two nights
in Charlottesville for Son's orientation to UVA. 

It won't be long before he leaves for college.  He's ready, for sure.  

In the meantime, he's working as a server at Merroir in Topping, where I took these pictures.

This is him in action.

We found out this week that 60 credits from the Governor's School classes he took at the community college the past three years will transfer.  He needs 120 (or thereabouts) credits to graduate.

In other words, he will enter college with half of his credits taken care of. 

(I screamed--loudly and joyfully--when he told me this. He originally wanted nothing to do with the Governor's School, and I sort of made him try it. He ended up liking it more than he thought, and now it's really paying off.)

Although the road has not always been smooth, this year in particular, for the most part it hasn't been terribly rough either.

I take nothing for granted and thank the Universe on a daily basis for my two children.

I've done about all I can to get him ready to launch into this new stage of life, and it's long past approaching time to let go.

(Easier said than done, but I'm working on it.)

I'm very, very proud of his accomplishments and look forward to what comes next.

The world is his oyster.


Annie said...

It certainly is. He sounds a very bright young man. All the best in whatever he does.

Thinking of you too, CBW and daughter. You will both miss him in lots of ways no doubt.

But just think, In no time soon he'll be home with his washing!

growing wild on waverly lane said...

We are all so proud of him and pray he keeps an even keel.

Meg McCormick said...

Swallow the leader!! :-) Go Sam!

Country Girl said...

I loved reading this. Way to go, Sam!! Half the credits needed - well, that is HUGE!

Daryl said...

that is so awesome …

thomas said...

Very nice. It is his oyster indeed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job so well done, momma...that photo of him interacting with customers--he looks like the owner of the restaurant. I believe it when you say the world will be his oyster. He will do great, and I know you and CBdaughter will really miss him, as will 'Wild on Waverly' and her #1 Man.