Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bethel Beach

This weekend, Chesapeake Bay Daughter and I went to Bethel Beach because the weather was spectacular. This picture is rather dreary and does a good job of concealing the warmth of the day, but it was in the 80's. At one end of the beach a family was enjoying a picnic; at the other someone was flying a kite. In the middle of these two was Chesapeake Bay Woman, rolling around in the sand, trying to take decent pictures without someone calling the law to report an escapee from an institution. This time she was successful, although Chesapeake Bay Daughter made herself scarce during the whole wallowing episode and did a wonderful job of pretending like she didn't know who I was. I'm starting to get used to this sort of treatment.

A week ago, we had our first (and likely only) major snowstorm. For the past three days, it's been in the 70's and 80's.

A week ago, there was no sign of life other than a few spindly daffodils trying to push through the ground. Today there are daffodils in bloom along the roadside, and some of the trees are blossoming.

A week ago, I would arrive home from work in the dark. Today I still had an hour or more of daylight.

A week ago, I was buying windshield de-icer from Wal-Mart. Today I bought cat food and some light bulbs, which has nothing to do with spring and warm weather but I am not known for making much sense.

Spring is announcing her arrival, and I'm rolling out the red carpet and a welcome mat.


foolery said...

Does spring like catfood? Oh. I have a return to make.

Grandma J said...

Boy from rolling on the sand to rolling on the red carpet....all I can say is, "let the good times roll"

Ok, that was lame, I'll be the first to admit it.

Yesterday I decided to take a page out of your book and I was laying on the ground trying to get up close and personal with a dandilion when one of my neighbors yelled out to me asking if I needed the paramedics. So, I guess if you are horizontal to the ground, your time's up.

IslandGirl said...

Nothing like sand between the toes on a warm day. Love the water and the sand. And I too welcome spring with a roll out of red carpet.

Mental P Mama said...

I had a dream I was near your house last night. I'm serious. I was on a boat and we went by a compound of houses and my brother, the boat captain, said that was where Jason Bourne lived. Swear. Maybe your dad has something to share....

TSannie said...

Ain't life grand? I love emerging spring.

Gonna go roll on the red carpet now (hee-hee).

big hair envy said...

AMEN!!! I'm even tossing a few rose petals out on my red carpet....for good measure:)

elkylos said...

Double amen! I had so much fun down at Bethel as a teenager... WAY too much fun sometimes. :)


Angela said...

I love to roll on the sand, too, but here with us the weather is still as it was with you last week. Maybe if I roll a bit beforehand, spring will THINK it is now time?
I always like your posts!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm late getting on here tonight - it's just about bed time for me; have to be up at 5:30 in the morning for work. Yipee! I am ecstatic.

Foolery - Around here, every season not only likes catfood it demands it. Well, that may have something to do with the sheer number of cats, but still.

GJ - Now that is downright funny. That was not The Neighbor, was it? That'd be even funnier.

Islandgirl - the sand and water, perfect. I'm already trying out the barefoot thing - I can't stand shoes.

MPM - Hmmmm. Very interesting. Veeeery interesting. Interesting. Very.

TSA - Indeed it is!

BHE - I'd expect nothing less. Could you toss a few rose petals on the swimming pool when I come for my visit?

Elkylos - Wonderful to hear from someone with fond memories of Mathews' beaches. Many people would say, "Boring. This is it?" But of course there's much more to it, not to mention all that fun you refrenced that was manufactured....there wasn't a lot to do around here. You had to create your fun.

Angela - I'm sending wishes of warm weather your way.