Monday, March 23, 2009

Daffodils Part VI

Y'all are probably tired of hearing about daffodils. I understand and apologize; but I can't help it.

They're only here for a short time, and they were such an important part of my life growing up, plus I don't really have much else to talk about. This coming weekend is the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, so I'll probably be writing a couple more daffodil-related posts in the near future.

Yesterday, Chesapeake Bay Daughter and I went out to the fields to check the progress of the daffodils. The particular field shown above is always the first to bloom but still has a ways to go. The main field we used to pick is not nearly this close to ready and needs about another week or two to mature. I wish I could mature in a week or two. I've been trying for 44 years, and it just hasn't happened.

One thing I noticed yesterday is the blooms are turning downward. As usual, I will wager a guess as to why this is, and as usual I am sure someone out there will realize I really don't know what in the world I'm talking about and that sometimes I confuse facts and figures, details and particulars. But I am going to say these droopy blooms are due to the cold weather. I've never seen them sag like this, but I think once it turns warmer they'll return to their normal state.

(By the way, is that day coming soon? The day when it is warmer? I want to return to my normal state. I'm tired of having to use the windshield de-icer I bought on clearance at Wal-Mutant. Evidently it was on clearance because the spray pump on the bottle does not work. When you're already running late for work--which is 48 miles away--and you discover at the last second there's an inch of ice on the windshield, and then you get all excited because you're actually prepared for once with brand new de-icer, but then that spray pump doesn't work? Well I'm just here to tell ya the only thing left to do that makes any amount of sense is to beat it repeatedly on the windshield almost to the point of cracking the glass.

When you do succeed in cracking a small slit in the top of the bottle, just turn it upside down and watch one drop come out. Wait a bit, during which you will break into a sweat, and then another drop will come out. Fling the bottle in the yard, get in the car and high tail it out of there on two wheels. Don't worry, eventually you'll be able to see. But this really is not germane to the topic of daffodils.)


My grandfather, the commercial daffodil grower, kept detailed crop records. Thanks to the extended Chesapeake Bay Family's inability to throw one shred of paper away, ever, I can quote you these records verbatim. I'll share that data this week but in the interim here's a little known fact:

In 1967, Mathews County had 280 acres of daffodils, with 17 commercial growers.

Here's another little known fact: My blood pressure is about 150 over 100 right now because I'm still thinking about that daggone de-icer that I bought on clearance but can't use thanks to the broken spray pump.

Pardon me while I go mop my brow, I seem to have broken into a sweat.


Karen Deborah said...

I want that photo. MAVELOUS simply FABOLOUS really not kidding that is a great shot. OF course your excited about the daffodils you have a whole stinkin field of them!
Dig some up and ship to the south.
You know what I think is really funny? All the freaking out about global warming and it's so cold outside!!! HAH HAHA.

Mental P Mama said...

Did you cuss while banging the de-icer on the windshield? And what is normal?

mmm said...

Quiet around here today. Just wanted to say, CBW, that your pictures from yesterday ("Silent Sunday") and "Green" were very nice. There was something about the hint of green in the sea grasses lying along the sure that was interesting.

As for today's blog - it seems that technology (even in a simple form) often fails us when we're in a hurry.

foolery said...

I know where everyone is -- they've all raced down to Wal-Mutant in the hopes of securing clearanced de-icers of their very own.

I don't need to, but I may scurry on down to see if they have any de-buggers on clearance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I reckon I'll stop by the Overstocked Vendor of Excess on my way home too. I need some deboogers - prefer the Kleenex brand myself.

Grandma J said...

Once the sun comes out the daffodils will be perky.

I have no idea bout de-icers. The one bad ice day here, was when I tried to use the windhshield wiper washer stuff to clear it, and the stuff froze on my windshield, making it icier.

big hair envy said...

The Daffodil Festival is THIS weekend? Shoot! We have another choral Kecoughtan High.

I don't waste money on those de-icers....I just scrape the crap off with a scraper!!! That counts as exercise, right?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

What a long day.

KD - Thank you but all I do is press a button. Actually in this case I put the flowers in the basket too, but that's it. I took an almost identical shot last spring at this time that was better because more flowers were blooming. I'd love to send you some. Daffodils cure all that ails a person, at least that's my motto.
MPM - Rest assured a string of epithets escaped from my mouth....Funny you should ask about normal. I pondered making a remark about that when I wrote that sentence. There is no normal, but cold is not right no matter what the definition of normal is.

MMM-Yes, some days are like that, quiet, even dead. There's no predicting. Thank you re the pics. I seriously only press one single button. The camera and the scenery do all the work. You're right about stuff failing us when we're in a hurry. I could write a book on that topic alone. (Are you running in the Bobby Stewart 5K? It's April 11 I think.)

Foolery - Bring those de-buggers with you in July. You can't believe what they're like here.

Anonymous - Ha! De-icers, de-buggers/de-boogers. Wal-Mutant is loaded with it all. And then some.

GJ - Refreezing the windshield with wiper fluid is a skill that takes a long time to perfect. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

BHE - Yes indeed, the daff.fest is this weekend. This is the first time in my life I've ever purchased the de-icer. It was taking me way too long to get it off with the scraper. However, when you factor in the aggravation factor and non-utilitarian nature of the de-icer's spray pump, I'm right there with you, scraper in hand. Good luck at kecoughtan.

Recipes for theLife said...

Beautiful pic.Daffodils are so beautiful.I have a poem of it on my blog.Do check it out when you have time.And good luck with your de-icer

KADouglas19 said...

The Chesapeake Bay Area doesn't get enough ice for me to worry about owning anything besides an ice scraper. It might be handy to have sidewalk salt around for those rare occasions, though.

In the Shenandoah Valley where I am currently exiled, any anti-ice equipment you can get your hands on is a MUST!

By the way CBW, that's a fantastic picture. You have a real knack for photography. And the fact that it reminds me of home is just the icing on the cake. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Recipes for Life - Thanks, I'll check it out after work today.

KAD - Thanks, glad you like it. There'll be more daffodil pictures up and coming.