Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Wish

I took this from my back yard one evening. Here lately the moon has been spectacular and seems larger than I ever remember seeing it. I am sure those who keep up with current events (including lunar phenomena) will know why this is. Due to my blogging addiction, my news source is limited to eavesdropping on conversations in the grocery store checkout. I just don't have time for TV, newspapers or radio.

Seeing the moon in the evening before it gets dark reminds me of looking for the first star when I was a kid. Scouring the skies, I'd find it and say the old "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."

Then, of course I'd silently make my wish and hoped it would come true.

Well, imagine my shock and surprise when my wish really did come true. If it weren't such a bizarre and completely obscure wish, I'd have said it was a coincidence. But if I gave you 100 guesses you'd never guess what I wished for when I was about 10 years old.

I can't believe you said a grass skirt.

Yes indeedee, a tomboy of a girl who'd rather run barefoot and swing from trees like Tarzan--and who had never left Mathews County-- for some strange reason wanted a grass skirt so badly she took to wishing on stars. Repeatedly. Until it finally appeared. Mind you, I'd have rather worn a clown outfit to school or church than put on a dress or skirt, but oddly enough I just had to have a grass skirt.

My paternal grandmother took a trip to Hawaii. I had never ever uttered my wish to anyone other than the star, so nobody else knew I wanted one. She came home with one for me and Chesapeake Bay Middle Sister. I about fell out.

To take it a step further, not only did I get a grass skirt, but one time much later in life the Chesapeake Bay Family went to the Blue Hawaiian for my birthday. The Blue Hawaiian was a restaurant in the old Coliseum Mall where you sat down, ordered your pu-pu platter, swirled your virgin daiquiri and then kicked back to watch what they called a show. At some point they would invite members of the audience up on stage for hula lessons.

Guess who was called up there? I'll tell you. The last person in the world who would dance in public, much less on stage in front of people, that's who.

So you see the star not only granted my secret wish for a grass skirt but made sure I knew how to use it. Now that is one lucky star.

I would write more now, but I need to race outside to find the first star. There's a bunch of things we need to discuss, at least one of which pertains to the lottery.

And now, some questions for you so I can stop thinking and be entertained when I get home from work today, assuming my lucky star doesn't grant my wish in the next 24 hours:

1. What did you wish for as a kid?

2. If you're from around here, tell me about any experiences at that Blue Hawaiian at Coliseum Mall. To me it was a whole different world. Strangely amusing, but still strange. So different from what we were used to (Paynes and Emorys).


Annie said...

That is sooo funny that you should ask that question, because I can exactly remember what I wished for as a child...and please don't laugh!
There were three things, actually four, and they were umbrella
2.a tracksuit
(I can hear you all laughing already...stop it!)
3. a trip on a greyhound coach (I used to call them buses)
4 a chemistry set.

Now you can see how old I am, and how poor we were, because 3 of those things I kept to myself and I didn't get them (BUY them) till I was in my twenties..the umbrella and tracksuit no doubt...the bus trip wouldn't have been till much later ...I didn't know about wishing on a star back then, I am sorry, no-one ever told me...I am going to try it!

The chemistry set, I must have wished aloud as I did receive one for a present one year, and you know...I rarely used it. It just didn't excite me at all, once I had it. Isn't that sometimes the way? I bet that was one purchase my poor parents regretted scratching up the money for!

Love, Annie.

Thanks for the remembrances! I am so pleased you got your grass skirt. It s a little like when God answers our prayers before we ask...I always think that is so great when that happens too!!

Annie said...

ps Forgot to say I love the photo..and the moon...I always get such a surprise when I go out and discover the moon in the slow I am!

Grandma J said...

Well, since Annie discussed the moon, I can skip that part...

when I was a kid I would have loved my own room. I knew I'd never get that wish, so I wished for my own bed. Never got that until my brother joined the Navy when I was 15. My own bed, not my own room. It wasn't like I shared a bed with my brother, it's like he had his own bed in his own room. When he join the Navy, I got his bed, and one of my sisters moved into his room with me...and the bed we used to share...two beds, one room.

Before that, there were four girls in one very small room with two beds. My brother had his own room because you can't mix the genders in the same room. The end.

Annie said...

Hey Grandma J, come to think of it, my sister and I didn't get our own rooms until my brother moved out of home either. We were lucky to have 3 rooms for the 4 of us though, after dad remodelled the house..before that we must have all slept on the closed in sleepouts!

I remember I was so tidy as a kid, where did that go?

Hope you don't mind Gma J and I having a conversation in your absence here..though I am sure she has gone to bed by now!

It is 4pm here and it is warm and muggy again...and I am being very lazy! Time for me to leave some space for the others!

Grandma J said...

Boo, Annie! I'm just heading to bed at 2 a.m. Then I watch a program called Red Eye until 3 a.m.

Isn't it nice of CBW to give us this text messaging!

Good night,

Angela said...

When I was five and saw my first Westren movie in a cinema (I was smuggled in with my older brothers, actually I was too young), it was called "My friend Shane", I wished I could see that beautiful land, and to make sure it would happen, I told everybody that I WOULD GO THERE!
And, tataa, at 16 I went, and I even got to see Wyoming, where the movie was taken!
Believe, and it shall be given unto you. Very simple.
How was your Hula performance? Any photos?

mmm said...

Oh, the conversations that happen while the rest of us sleep. Annie and Grandma J - what a pleasure.

As for the Blue Hawaiian, I went there once with my parents and a friend. I was aware that they invited members of the audience up to dance and I wished and wished and wished that they would NOT invite me. I wanted no part of the spotlight in a restaurant full of strangers. I merely wanted to sit there quietly and enjoy the prefabricated pu-pu platter.

As my Scottish luck would have it, some beautiful Polynesian Princess stepped down from the stage and made a line to our table. When she asked me to join her on the stage, I clamped my hands to the back of the chair and managed a little shake of my head from side-to-side. Somehow I also managed to utter a "no" from my nearly petrified lips. As the Princess persisted, gently I'm sure, I felt the heat of fear and determination pouring out of my face. Then, alas, a brave young-woman sitting nearby stood to take my place. She confidently strode onto the stage and danced as though she'd lived half her life in a grass skirt. I recall her slowly swirling her hips and coolly circling beads above her head as I panted into paper bag while desperately trying to maintain consciousness.

Now, 30 years later, I regret that I did not take my turn at dancing with the Polynesian Princess. The pu-pu platter really wasn't that good.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I know I wished on the first star routinely, but can't recall any specific wishes... they probably mostly had to do with winning the affection of some redneck boy or other.

Meanwhile, that photo? Breathtaking. It is now my new background on my work computer. Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

I remember wishing upon the first star...but like Meg, I don't remember anything in particular that I wished for.
I grew up in Hampton until I moved to Mathews in the 7th grade (not a good time for a teen age girl to move to a small town). I remember going to the Blue Hawaiian a couple of times. Yep, that pu pu platter was interesting, I loved that blue flame coming from the middle of the pu pu platter.. of course, being a "kid" my parents wouldn't let me use it. Walking into the Blue Hawaiian WAS like entering into a different world, especially for a child full of wonder and awe. I liked watching the dancing but fortunately, I was never chosent to dance with them. I would have died of embarrassment. We actually used to go to the Picadilliy more than the Blue Hawaiian, which was one entrance away in the same mall. It was cafeteria style and I remember that was my first experience with spoon bread. A true southern delicacy. Funny what things stick out in your mind. That's about the only thing I remember about the Picadilly...but I will forever associate it with introducing me to Spoon Bread.
Have a great Wednesday everyone.....the rain has finally left and the sun is shining again.

IslandGirl said...

Stars.. star light star bright the first star I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight Oh my how many times did I say that in my lifetime. The only difference is I really can't remember a wish coming true. But oh, the nights laying on the grass and singing songs as the moon and stars shined on me. As I look back now, they were some awesome God moments. It was my escape from the reality of my home life and I was just outside. I do remember nights being in the middle of the river at mid night(i think some of my wishes came true then lol) with the sky full of stars so close it seemed you could reach out your hand and touch them. Nothing like being in a place where you can enjoy the gifts that nature offers you. I think the sky is clear to night, i will race you to see the first star!!!!

Mental P Mama said...

I wished to be able to twitch my nose like Samantha and have everything done in a snap. I still wish for that.

IslandGirl said...

Oh by the way CBW, will you be modeling the grass skirt at Blogfest? Doing a little hula dance for us?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

MPM, I think we ALL wish for that, honey!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ah, another joyous, relaxing day at work. I just LOVE work, about as much as I love ants and vacuuming and going to the dentist.

Annie-Yes. I started laughing at umbrella. A chemistry set? Really? Where did you want to go on the greyhound bus?

GJ - Sharing a bedroom with a sibling is nothing short of torture. Oh, and don't and Annie can chat all you want. As a friend for whom English was a second language used to say, "It's no hair off my back." I love reading the commentary.

Angela - HOpefully your trip out to Wyoming included a trip to Teton National Park and Yellowstone. That is some of the prettiest scenery I've ever seen.

The hula performance was embarassing at best, but thankfully there were no photos, only the painful memories of a blinding spotlight in front of a room full of strangers.

MMM - Missed opportunities and regrets....should have danced with that Polynesian Princess. (That right there sounds like the makings of a really good country song. I could keep going with these lyrics but will spare you. For now....)

Meg - I'm so happy you like the picture. To be honest, this is one that I am only lukewarm on and could very easily have tossed aside as not good. If one person likes it, I'm thrilled. (Let me guess..your wishes these days would include those lumberjacks from Maine, right? And definitely NOT Harry Connick, Jr. Right.)

Ms.Seabreeze - I LOVED THE PICADILLY. LOVED IT!!! Hated when we had to wait in line. Remember those totem poles lining the hall as you approached the food? My favorites were the banana pudding with real the vanilla wafers. LOVED THAT SPOON BREAD!! Loved everything about that place. Jello with whipped cream. Fried chicken. Did you know there is still a Picadilly in operation in Richmond? I took my kids there a couple of summers ago, and Chesapeake Bay Daughter declared it to be her new favorite restaurant. It is still awesome.

Islandgirl - Yes, they were beautiful moments. I hope that your wish(es) do come true. Get out there tonight! (No grass skirt modeling will occur during Blog Fest, at least there are no current plans for that.)

MPM - Meg is right. That's a great wish and we all need that twitch of the nose to make it all happen. I also loved the sound effect when she did it. Also I loved Endora and her constant heckling of Derwood....

OK, enough rambling. Have a great evening. - cbw

Anonymous said...

I've wished on some stars in my time, especially while on a dock in Mathews. But even more memorable is moonin' the moon in Moon!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous: To be on a dock in Mathews at night looking at the stars is a dream come true (as long as there were no mosquitoes--pronounced MUSkittuhs). Regarding the moonin' in Moon...isn't Moon the greatest address ever?

Not Moved Mom said...

CBW-You have crushed my hubby's heart. Comparing going to the dentist with ants, work, and even vacuuming (Oh my goodness, that one hurt!) He said to tell you that it is a funny thing about dentists-people complain about going to see them, but they are always there for you.

MMM-That could have been traumatic to your family's reputation if you had danced with the Polynesian Princess. I could have heard that on the postal circuit now. You KNOW she would have had pictures.

Oh, wishing on the stars.... I don't remember a specific wish but I sure do remember dreaming when the stars and especially the moon shone off of the water of Horn Harbor. It just made you feel like the world was right, even when it wasn't.

MPM-Loved that show, too.

I am impressed with CBW's knowledge of all of the characters. The ole girl's memory is still clicking.

Good night to all-just got back from an away soccer game and I am hearing my bed call my name.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NMM - Tell hubby it's absolutely nothing personal and the very fact that I went to a dentist AT ALL recently speaks volumes for his talents.

Nevertheless, I still have an overall irrational, borderline savage, fear of dentists (and orthodontists, for that matter)which dates back to one particular Nameless Dentist and another City Orthodontist both of whom were completely unrelated to The Pole Vaulter.

So true how this place, especially a sunset or the water at night under the perfect lighting, can make the world right even when things feel wrong. That's why I moved back here. Thanks for reminding me.

foolery said...

Aw, crap -- I KNEW I've been doing it wrong! I've been wishing on Lindsey Lohan. And got exactly nothing, either.

I used to work for a luau and had two roommates who were luau dancers. Very exotic. No, I didn't live with exotic dancers, which is a whole other thing, CBW. Some day I'll tell you all about it. Wine will be involved.