Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daffodils Part VII

More daffodils. Just wait until they start blooming ferociously. I'll drive y'all away from here for good, you'll be so bored. (In this case, "y'all" refers to my three readers, and actually I'm surprised you've lasted this long since I'm already up to my 7th post on the topic of my favorite flower, the daffodil.)

My grandmother's speech on daffodils to a state gardening club convention in Richmond in the 1970's continues ......

"...There must always be room to see each flower, and eleven or less should be adequate for most arrangements. They look best when associated with spear-shaped leaves very much like their own and with some simple branches--perhaps maple, larch, beech, or japonica for height and gentle contrast. Some purists in the flower arranging field believe that daffodils should be given the opportunity of looking at themselves in water. Remember the tale of Narcissus who fell in love with his own image?

Small rectangular bowls with the flowers at one side or at the end, somewhat in the Oriental style of flower arranging, seem to be the best solution....."

Chesapeake Bay Woman's Mindless Additional Commentary :

My grandmother probably would not care for my flower arranging technique. As we speak, there are 5 vases stuffed to the gills filled with daffodils in my kitchen. There might be as many as 50 shoved carelessly in one particular vase alone. I do not possess the slightest desire patience or talent to arrange a flower in a vase just so. No, it's all I can do to force way too many place them in a vase with water and toss display them up on the counter.

Last but dear heavens when is she going to shut up and put us out of our misery? not least, can you tell I finally learned how to use the strike through feature that I've been trying to figure out for over two a year now?

Watch out, dear reader. This is way too much really fun.


Annie said...

ah, I am envious. Not only of those gorgeous daffodils, but also of your ability to Strike Through! I was going to comment, even before you brought it to our attention...very clever! Says she who should be trying to stuff(pack) everything in her suitcase. (And she who doesn't know how to strike out yet)!

I have been out running around doing all those last minute jobs today. It is nice just to sit and read for a bit.And then on to the final here I come!

Grandma J said...

I'm envious too. I have two vases of flowers, but not daffodils, and I have to buy mine. I am visualizing your grandmother's suggestion about arranging flowers to one side of small rectangle bowls. Do I cut the stems off and let the head float? I can do that...maybe put a few candles too. Now I have to get some daffodils.

Annie, travel safely!

Annie said...

Thank you Grandma J

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-I can teach you how to strike through, but I'm running late for work (the story of my life). Remind me and I'll tell you tonight or tomorrow night after work. Oh, and do travel safely and have fun.

GJ-I am sure your store bought flowers are just beautiful. I'd be the last person you'd want to ask for advice on anything remotely related to flower arranging. Maybe I'll get to the daffodil festival this weekend and hit the show where there are a gazillion different arrangements; I could take pictures and send to you.

Off to work. Again. Have a good Wednesday.

Mental P Mama said...

I need more daffodils. Please bring them now. Thanks. And, awesome strikethroughs. Awesome.

mom x 2 said...

I'm so jealous... about the daffodils (as those and daisies) are my absolute favs! and the ability to strike through. I have been trying desparetly to figure it out to no avail. I think you should share this ability with the rest of us that are slightly blog typing challenged.

tj said...

...Ooo girl, you are a strike'n thru mamajama! ;o)

...Love daffodils! They're right up there with my fav' flower the sunflower... Love that tale too, here's what that is about:

"In Greek mythology, a beautiful youth who fell in love with his own reflection. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Leriope. His mother was told by a seer that he would have a long life, provided he never saw his own reflection. His callous rejection of the nymph Echo or of his lover Ameinias drew upon him the gods' vengeance and he fell in love with his own image in the waters of a spring and wasted away. The narcissus flower sprang up where he died."
(btw, that's not me typing all of that either...:o)

...I could see a family photo being taken in a field of daffodils. Has your family ever done that?

...Beautiful photo! Blessings... :o)

Daryl said...

I am struck both in awe of the loveliness of those daffs AND your amazing ability to strike out words even whole thoughts with a click or two of your HTML skillz

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I LOVE daffodils. They are so goofily happy that I can't help but smile whenever I see them.

I'm also very envious that yours are already blooming. I think, at the rate all the snow is melting around here, we're looking at LEAST late April before we see ANYTHING bloom!

big hair envy said...

You have NO idea how much I like to say the word "japonica"!!!

It's the little things...

I still don't know how to do the strike through:/

IslandGirl said...

Daffodils are beautiful... my favorite thing about those flowers when I was growing up was putting food coloring in the water to turn them another color. They were so beautiful and they were just a bunch of em in a vase or better yet a glass of water.. i was in the mountains over the weekend and the daffodils were starting to bloom there, amazing they bloom on the side of a mountain...i like that strike through addition... wonder if i could use it on other things... hhhmmmm. have a great one.

foolery said...

I know how to use strike-through on my blog. I have had to choose NOT to do it because really? I wouldn't know where to stop. I'll leave it to others to strike out my blather.

The poppies have just shown up around here. CBW, will you please come take pictures of them and then complain about your awful photography skills, which are plainly terrific and far better than mine?

Thank you.

TSannie said...

We have only 6" of daffodil green showing. I'm jealous!

Would you take a photo of the daffodil maddness and post it please?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

There's a lovely bank of daffodils on a highway bank I pass almost daily. I bet it's a mere fraction of what you have going on in Virginia though.

I see the future and it is this: The SECOND Virginia Blogfest must be convened at the height of daffodil season.

Just sayin'.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

If it is possible to be asleep while your eyes are still open, that's what I'm doing. Man am I tired.

MPM - I could ship you some, seriously. They ship pretty well.

Momx2- the strike through thing is super easy. As you are typing your text into your post you simply type the word strike before and after the word(s) you wish to strike through and then add a few other minor brackets, but I am afraid if I write out the code here, it may show up as strike through in the comment (as if that makes any sense, I'm not articulating it clearly). Anyway, I will be happy to send you the instructions, if I can do it any body can, seriously. Super easy.

TJ - Sunflowers are absolutely gorgeous. CB Son usually plants some in our front yard, and not only are they beautiful but then we get a bird show when the seeds start dropping. Thanks for the story on Narcissus, and it's so good to have you back to your old self. WE've missed you.

Daryl - The extent of my HTML (still don't have a clue what that means or is) skillz is the strike through, which I mastered ONLY because I had to pull out the BLogging for Dummies book that I have never cracked open. I was looking for how you set up tabs or format a table, which I never ever found but I glanced at the strike through and discovered that was simple enough. That's the extent of my html knowledge though.

Auds - Never fear. April is right around the corner.

BHE - When I first wrote that word last night, I made a footnote in the first draft of the post that said something to the effect of, "I thought a japonica was a musical instrument." But then I took it out (sometimes I'm the only one who gets my twisted attempts at humor). Anywho, it is a great word. (I'll send you the super easy instructions on strike through.)

Island girl - Never seen them on mountains but have no doubt they do well there because they grow just about any where with minimal maintenance necessary. (As in none, we don't do anything to ours.)

Foolery - I'd love to take pictures of your poppies. Wait a minute. That doesn't sound right....

TSA - Once they start really blooming I'll definitely post pictures. We also have several varieties of white daffodils that bloom at the last part of the season, and they're amazing. PLenty more photos forthcoming.

Meg - Good idea on a Spring Blog Fest, but aside from the daffodils the rest of the landscape is so bleak. July will be nice and green, although hotter than html.