Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is Bethel Beach on a winter day, a cold, dreary winter day. Even in its brown state, I find it beautiful. Soon all that brown will be green again.

Speaking of turning green, here we are in spring. Yesterday I learned that technically spring is here. Mr. Air Temperature evidently forgot to check his day timer, because he still thinks it's winter. His friend Mr. Wind Chill Temperature is even worse because he hasn't looked at the calendar in months and thinks winter is supposed to last forever.

My kids have been on spring break since Wednesday afternoon.

Chesapeake Bay Son invited not one but two friends over night before last to jump start the celebratory events. These events left me feeling like a short order cook trying to win an endurance marathon while trapped in a place called Bedlam, where you can only sleep two consecutive hours at night, where night is defined as "after 3:00 a.m." (Somebody call Guinness because I may have set a world's record for the longest sentence.)

Chesapeake Bay Son is fortunate enough to have friends who actually go places on spring break. As we speak, he's on his way to Hilton Head, SC, for a week. To a condo with a heated pool. Oceanfront. Free of charge.

March 21, 2009

Note to self

Dear Self

In your next life, please be sure to befriend folks who invite you to Hilton Head when you're only 13 years old. Oh, also, Self? See if you can't find somebody who'll invite you to Hilton Head free of charge even--and especially--when you're 44 years old. One last thing. Self? What are the numbers to the next winning lottery ticket? I hope this isn't too much to ask.


Signed, Self.

CB Daughter is stuck with her working mother yet insists we will be doing X Y Z one day over her break even though I don't recall agreeing to--or even discussing--X Y Z at any point heretofore.

All this makes me daydream about going on a vacation whether it ever happens or not.

Commenter Not Moved Mom yesterday asked for opinions on places in the Caribbean to take kids of varying ages. If you have answers or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section.

I have a similar question.

So that I can live vicariously through you all (also known as y'all), where will you spend your next vacation? Spring break? Summer vacation? Long weekend? Even one night away from home? If you have no plans, where would you most like to go if you could?

Tell me where you'll be and what you'll be doing.

Tell me so I can daydream about being able to get away to a place far, far away. Away from work. Away from responsibilities. Away from the incessant assault of To Dos that exist in daily life.

Life is good, but sometimes Life needs a break.

Where are you going for a break?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I'm going to Bora Bora.

In my dreams.

Grandma J said...

Since my Denver Spring Break was canceled due to a better offer, I mean scheduling issues (ball games, out of town tournaments), I willbe toodling down the interstate to Tucson the first week of June, where I'll pick up a friend and hightail it to Vegas. We flew there last summer, but since we both suffered multiple canceled flights and nights sleeping in airports, we are driving this time.

Then I'm heading to Virginia for a Blogfest in July! I have had numerous dreams about this trip, with several variations of the definition of "blogfest fun".

Annie said...
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Annie said...

sorry, that was usual I wrote an irrelevant 3 page essay!

I would like to go on vacation to the Sunshine coast...a nice little house at Shelley beach would do me just fine!

I hope you get to get a vacation!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie - I love your 3 page essays! Are you coming to the States at all to visit your daughter?

GJ - Can't wait for July and hope to hear exciting stories about Vegas. Will Phillip J.B. be going too? I think he'd make a great navigator.

It's Soccer Saturday around here. Off to sit in the cold, but at least it's sunny.

Daryl said...

Funny you should ask. End of next month I am going to South Beach for a long weekend with two gal pals who live in TX and IL respectively, if not respectfully. You are welcome to come along ...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, Daryl - South Beach sounds wonderful. What a great way to spend a long weekend, and with friends too.

tj said...

...Hey Miss CBW! The closest I'll get to a vacation is my backyard. And then from there it's all in my head... Add a glass of wine and who knows, from there I could go anywhere! lol... ;o)

...Sorry I've been in Lurksville - I promise to start commentin' again...

...Hope all is well in Mathews!

...Many blessings girl... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TJ - It is sooo good to hear from you. I'm glad you're back from L-Ville. Hope to hear more from you, and don't forget you can catch a ride with Grandma J. to Blog Fest if you want....

Annie said...
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Annie said...

sorry, that all didn't read quite right!

I love the "holidays in the backyard, in the head" from tj...they are the holidays I have all the time!

Where did I read that if you don't take a vacation...your mind will! That's me! I think I read that on a NYC blog I have been reading...where he was chatting to an older business man!

Funny you asked cbw, about when I am coming to NYC..cos it is soon...real soon. So soon , I am getting nervous, and busy, and excited! (Whisper, don't tell is this week! I leave here Thursday morning, and arr in NY Thursday night...that is pretty good isn't it? Except it will have taken about 24 hours!)


Anonymous said...

On the subject of a vacation spot, I have a Carribean jones! My favorite destination there so far has been San Pedro Belize on the isle of Ambergis Caye. I didn't have kids with me when there in 2001, but had a wonderful time snorkleing and scuba diving, and the prices were very reasonable. (Madonna wrote the song La Isle Bonita about the island). There's also an old Chesapeake Bay deadrise for sale down there doing work as a tourist boat! Didn't go out on her while I was there, but would love to, or, really a pipe dream, buy her and move down there! Neither will happen this year tho, due to my personal participation in the recession! See here:

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I haven't been to mainland Belize...and from what my friends tell me who have been to San Pedro and the mainland also, San Pedro is supposed to be a far better experience! I can't wait to go back!

Anonymous said...

One more link about the Winnie Estelle... Scroll down the page about halfway.

Been surfing around looking for items on her, and just re-found that.

When there in 2001, you see, I spyed her while walking down the beach, which is also heavily populated with scuba/snorkle/charter fishing business docks. Imagine my surprise, when in San Pedro Belize, this Mathews native spyed a Chesapeake Bay deadrise tied to the end of the dock! Had it not been for already having a full schedule of expensive already paid for activities, I'd have gone out on her...just thought you might find her interesting CBW.

mom x 2 said...

In my dreams I'm going to Bora Bora with SSG and apparently I won't be alone! I am soo ready to be there. But in reality we will be headed to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break :) And btw, you are welcome to come along!

cats said...

I'm going to Italy and Hawaii some time in life. Don't actually have a date on that. So in reality I will be going to Busch gardens in May for a concert. I luv it. I went to a BBQ supper last night at the firehouse. A nice outing to see alot of locals and eat the best smoked hommade bbq you ever put your mouth on. AHH, delicious. I know that does not qualify for a vacation, but I lead a simple life with simple pleasures. I like a good movie, good food, and family and friend time. I also enjoy chatting on fB with friends.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous - Thanks for those links. I can't even imagine being so far away from here and seeing that boat.

The closest I've come to
Belize (mainland) was back in the 1990's when I rented a Jeep and drove down the coast of Mexico. I came close enough that I remember seeing signs for it being within smelling distance, but for some reason I turned around. (That reason likely had something to do with lack of proper identification or something and perhaps some irrational fear of not being allowed back across the line. That's the sort of stuff that used to happen to me on vacation.)

Momx2 - I'll see you in Bora Bora, but not until I win the lottery. Let's make sure we get one of those little huts over the water only accessible by boat. Myrtle Beach will be fun. I know lots of people headed in that direction this spring break. I can't get off from work nor do I have the vacation funds established, so for now I'll just live vicariously through you and everyone else. Have FUN when you go.

Cats - I wish I had purchased tickets to that the time I thought about it they were sold out. I'm sure that BBQ was wonderful. Let's do Busch Gardens again this summer, in spite of all my complaining about the heat and the crowds I love it too.

Happy Sunday....

KADouglas19 said...

As an unwilling transplant from Gwynn's Island - Gwynn's Island is where I go when I'm not at college. That's probably not much help to you. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

KADouglas - I don't blame you one bit. You'd be hard pressed to find any place more beautiful and relaxing.

foolery said...

My next night away from home will be spent fending off fiddler crabs and rogue geese on an anthill on coastal Virginia in July. Can't wait.

I wonder if Not Moved Mom has looked into sailboat vacations in the Virgin Islands? Have NO idea how expensive that might be, but possibly compared to a hotel + meals + car + outings, etc. it could be comparable. We did it in the early '80s -- four teenagers, four adults, a captain and a cook/first mate (probably literally). Snorkeling, sailing, sun, no driving, no place to get into trouble. Highly recommended.

Now? No money for the movie theater, let alone a sailboat. :)