Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here's the best daughter in the world walking on Aaron's Beach with a skimboard she found--yes found--on the shore of another beach. Although she'd never skimboarded before, she was bound and determined to teach herself how.

Skimboarding is not that difficult, really. All you have to do is have a death wish turn on the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. Then you take that flat piece of wood, toss it down on the shore just as a wave is crashing and effortlessly jump on top as it skims on the tiny amount of water that lingers when the wave withdraws back into the sea. Then you go a&& over tea kettle and wonder exactly how long it will take the Mathews Volunteer Rescue Squad to find your limp body on the beach.

Actually that was what happened to me when I tried it, minus the Hawaii Five-O music.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter, on the other hand, very diligently and methodically practiced and practiced until she perfected the technique, which is the exact same technique that is used when you slip on a banana peel. She doesn't fall down though.

No, Chesapeake Bay Daughter is very good at everything she does with the exception of cleaning her room. And today is her birthday.

Not only does she have to go to school today, but she also has to go to the doctor for shots as part of her annual sports physical. Guess which mother of the year scheduled a doctor's appointment for her daughter on said daughter's birthday?

Happy Birthday, CB Daughter.

Love you.

Skimboarder in Training
Mother in Training


Maria from NJ said...

Feliz cumpleano (imagine the thingy over the 'n') CB Daughter!

Cool board.

Annie said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Chesapeake Bay Daughter. Sorry your Mum scheduled that appointment for you. Sometimes our brains don't work. For example, most people go birthday = party, others go birthday = shots at the doctor. I wonder why that is?
Never mind. I know you love her. And you sound pretty clever like her (in most ways) too!

ps Just keep her away from Grandma J...that combination sounds like "danger" to me!! Mind you, Mum + electricity sounds like danger keep her away from that too.

Living on the Spit said...

Hope she forgives you...LOL. Happy Birthday CBW daughter and way to go on the skim is not as easy as your probably make it seem.

Momma, wait till she starts doing flips with it. There's a huge competition in Va Beach every year.

Caution Flag said...

Happy birthday, CBD!! You must be quite an athlete to have mastered that board. Two pieces of advice here: 1. You will grow to be a very happy adult even if you never learn to clean your room. So why bother? 2. Any person who spends her birthday getting shots deserves a second, more appropriate celebration the next day.

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday CBD! Lets hope this doctor's visit/shot is not a new annual birthday gift ...

You'd better have bought her something special to make up for this error of scheduling, CBW!

Word Verif: Scryme ... its an exclamation made by daughters whose mom's mistakenly schedule shots on their birthdays...

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chesapeake Bay Neice! You're the best!!

Love you,
Middle Sis aka CB Auntie

tj said...

..."Happy Birthday" CBSkimboarding Extraordinaire! ;o) Here's hoping your day is great and full of cake! :o)

...Blessings... :o)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

"Happy Birthday CBD"

mmm said...

Happy Birthday to CBD! Mom will be forgiven.

mom x 2 said...

Happy Birthday CBD!!!

Sorry about the shots.... NOT COOL MOM!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Her room was neat as a pin in July. Thanks again for letting me crash there! And happy birthday, CBD!

diane said...

CBD would have to be totally awesome... she has you as a mommy!

Happy Birthday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all so *chirp* much - I conveyed to CBD a generic Happy B-Day from the wonderful group of blog commenters, and she says thank you. She'll *chirp* read each of them herself this weekend when we're not in the midst of school,*chirp* soccer, homework and chirping fire alarms that have now expanded to the upper floor where she sleeps. All this in spite of replacing all batteries, turning off all power (the things chirped without batteries and without current). A padded cell is sounding like a wonderful place to get a good night's rest.

Good news! She didn't have to have shots after all, although she did have to *chirp* give a little blood. I just might be forgiven, although the *shrill chirp* chirping fire alarms moving to her floor may negate any points I may have gained back from the no-shot doctor's appt.

Happy Wednesday, and thanks again--so much--for your comments and birthday wishes. CBD will be on here at some point to tell you herself.


Country Girl said...

We're all mothers in training, aren't we?
And hope it was a happy one for CBD.

Grandma J said...

Well just spank my fanny! I don't know how I missed this post, but I am so sorry that I'm late in wishing Chesapeake Bay Princess a Happy Birthday!

I hope (besides the shot) she had a wonderful day with loads of goodies and gifts fit for a princess. I can't wait to see her on her skimmer next year at blog fest.

Does anyone else thingk Chesapeake Bay Princess looks like her beautiful Grandma?