Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Did somebody add a couple of Thursdays to the regular week? Am I stuck in the movie Groundhog Day? Because I could have sworn the last Thursday was only a day or so ago, and according to the calendar it's Thursday again.

That means it's Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, anything you want.

1. I'll spare you from stating one obvious thing, which is who knew it was possible to say the word "Thursday" four times in three sentences? How about "three things" three times in the same sentence? Four? Three? Things? Thursday? Somebody get me off this crazy ride.

2. Related to #1, I feel as though every thing I do these days is hurried and half-a@@ed. My work (stretched too thin), my hobby of blogging (no time for it), my photography (no time for it) my parenting (not enough time for it), my house maintenance (hate it and no time for it), my bill-paying (What bills? Wasn't that trash?), my pet care (Twinkie the cat will not make eye contact and is scouring the classified ads for a new home), my writing for my second job (turned in 2 articles that were awful), my attendance at school and sports events--pretty much you name it, I'm not doing it well.

3. Hopefully Commenter and high school friend Ms. Seabreeze will read today, because I wanted to tell her how happy I am that she's engaged. Except I haven't had time to do so because see #2 above and add "not a very good friend due to not enough time" to that laundry list. Ms. Seabreeze is a smart, funny, beautiful, optimistic lady who deserves all the happiness in the world, and it sounds as though she's met someone who can give her just that.

There's someone out there for everyone; sometimes it just takes a while to find him or her. Sometimes they're under your nose and you don't know it. Sometimes you just get lucky and are in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you can't stop saying the word "sometimes."

Anyway, congratulations to Ms. Seabreeze and Mr. Wonderful. Please stop by to see me sometime (!).

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things, anything at all. The more words you repeat, the better I'll feel.


Bayman said...

(1) It is hard to quit smoking.

(2) I seem to be on edge.

(3) It is hard to quit smoking.

Ann Marie said...

1. I can't figure out who Ms Seabreeze is but congrats just the same. Mr Wonderful... nice someone finally found him!!!! I am quite pleased it was someone from Mathews since every woman in the world has been looking for him since... oh the beginning of time. Nice Job Ms Seabreeze I commend you on the talents and skill. Maybe now that there is a Mr Wonderful around these parts a Mr Right and Mr Fix it and a Mr Romantic will soon follow and start a club!!!

2. Bayman is quitting smoking I see and I am very proud of him.. maybe he can be my inspiration.

3. I need therapy.

Pueblo girl said...

I only have one thing on my mind at the moment: Significant Other has just been talking about building a light aircraft in the back garden. From the level of detail he was able to provide, it is clear that the internet investigation phase is already underway. I am on red alert.

Anonymous said...

awwww, thanks so much!!! I may not always have time to comment, seems to me that your "number 1" speaks for me as well, but I always read...even if it's late and I have to go back through 5 days of blog posts lol.

1. All those wonderful things you said about me....(you sure you have the right person?) are ditto and double for you! It's great to reconnect, even if it is in cyberland.

2. You haven't figured me out yet Ann Marie? *GRIN* I wasn't out there in the maiden name was Kilmon. You still may not remember me LOL

3. Yep, Mr. Wonderful was out there waiting for me. And the ole cliche "when you stop looking for it and least expect it" was definately true (yet again). Now if we can only find Mr. Right, Mr. Romantic and Mr. Fix It the world would be complete. Of course the world is full of MS. fantastics as evidenced by everyone here :-)

CBW, I am definately planning to get by and see you one of these days. I was riding by your road the Sunday and if I had had just a few more minutes, thought about dropping by. We WILL get together one of these days soon.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Ann Marie said...

Ms Seabreeze... I know who you are .. i know who you are .. I know who you are

just took me a bit.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Bayman quit smoking?!?!?
2. Congrats to Ms. Seabreeze!
3. YAY Bayman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daryl said...

1. Bayman quit smoking!!!!

2. Hooray for us all that Bayman will now be around for many more Blogfests!

3. Bayman .. I am so damned proud of you.. stick with it, it is hell but it can be done .. I done it!

3A. Ann Marie .. you can do it!!!! Quit baby quit!

3B. I dont know who Ms Seabreeze is, but I am HAPPY for her ... congrats!

3C. I have Mr Almost Perfect .. trust me no one wants Mr Perfect, it would be hell living with him

3D. Its a good day in the neighborhood!!!!!

Word Verif: Sever .. umm .. ah... okay .. sever .. if I s'ever would leave you ... see I can make lemonade ...

Linda said...

Crap! I'm so far behind!

Angel Mama said...

1. Ms Seabreeze - I found my Mr. Wonderful after I stopped looking, too! Congrats!!

2. It is very grey out today, but I'm still in a good mood!

3. Bayman - it is very hard to quit smoking - hang in there! You can do it!

Big Hair Envy said...

Word Verification: bagme
That about sums it up:/

1. I went to the doctor yesterday.
2. I had not been in almost five years.
3. I'm not sure how five years went by so quickly. I was certain it had only been three or four.


Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Ride #1 made me a little woozy. I tend towards motion sickness. Please pass the dramamine.

2. I drove to central PA and back today to attend my great aunt's funeral. Regrettable circumstances, but I do enjoy reconnecting with my far-flung kin. It was nice to see everyone.

3. Hang in there, Bayman. You can do it! Way to go! (Miss you!)

mmm said...

Three cheers for anyone who is trying to quit smoking.

Cheer, cheer, cheer!

Go Bayman

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, y'all - keep up the words of encouragement to Bayman's efforts to quit smoking.

I talked to him today, and he needs all the help he can get.

Bayman said...

Thank you all so very much.

I broke down and had one today, this is down from about a pack and a half. I am almost ready for a rubber room.

I am going to make it. I have a good reason to.

TSannie said...

1. Hurray for Bayman!!! It is hard, but you CAN do it!
2. You are not alone in your struggle to find time for your life, CBW, right there with you.
3. What the hell?? Just yesterday it was June, and now it's September???

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. Rubber rooms are highly underrated.

2. Am off for a blissful testosterone-free weekend. Well, except for the yoga instructor leading the retreat. And she's trying.

3. Willpower - it will surprise you in the most delightful ways - keep it up, Bayman!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Bayman, Hang in there dude even if you slip up. I did it, took me two years but I've been smoke free for almost 3 years. Chantix worked for me! I have some if you want it.