Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This is from Hills Bay on Gwynn's Island a couple of weeks ago during a spell of frequent evening thunderstorms. Although these clouds were likely not associated with any storm, the skies were often filled with fast-moving and constantly changing cloud formations.

Completely unrelated to that opening paragraph, I'd like to announce that once again we find ourselves welcoming Thursday into our lives. Here in Chesapeake Bay Woman's World that can only mean one thing: Thank God I don't have to work tomorrow It is Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, anything at all, whatever you want, the more random and off the wall the better.

Here we go.

1. Tonight Middle Sister and Middle Sister's Husband are arriving in Mathews from Georgia. This will be the first time the Chesapeake Bay Family has seen Middle Sister since she ran off to get married in Hawaii so her family wouldn't attend her wedding. I've been told Middle Sis and Husband are taking the Chesapeake Bay Parents and I out to dinner, her treat. She also is attending her class reunion on Saturday, right after she leaves lipstick marks all over every single glass in my cupboard.

2. This weekend is Market Days in Mathews. I have to work much of the weekend and will miss most of it. (Insert sounds of growling followed by crying here in this space.)

3. Last night my Great Aunt Nellie (84 years old) and her husband Bill (92) surprised us with a visit. Bill drove all the way from their home in Florida. (See above where I note that he is 92 years old, but I neglected to mention he looks 25 years younger.) They were high school sweethearts who ended up marrying other people and living separate lives. When they both lost their spouses later in life, they reestablished contact and married. Bill has just written a book, has a bluetooth, a Facebook page and in short knows more about technology than I do. (Insert sounds of crying here since I still have dial-up internet and the only blue teeth I have are the ones the dentist hasn't pulled out yet.)

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things, tell me thirty things, just tell me something, anything at all.


TSannie said...

1. I miss you and Mathews County. A LOT.

2. I really want to come to Market Days in Mathews. A LOT.

3. I am in deep admiration of Great Aunt Nellie's husband Bill. I would like to meet both of them at next summer's VA blogfest. I really would like that. A LOT.

4. ~fluctice~ was my word verification. I like that word. A LOT. I think that should be made into an official word. But...what should it mean?

Grandma J said...

1. Is it really Thursday?

2. Crabs don't like chocolate milk, JJ does.

3. Crabs aren't potty trained, but JJ is.

4. I'm going to market this weekend and pretend I'm in Mathews.

Annie said...

1. Living in a house with toilet training twins...provides no end of amusement and danger.

2. Seeing family again is fun.

3. 3 year olds are on the cusp...of imagination, fun, learning about the world, and funny sayings, and naughty sayings picked up from others...

4. why can't we bottle them as cute 2 yr olds, and stop them hearing the rest of the world.

5. Dowses. word verification. I want to dowse anyone who teaches a 3 year old to say silly things!

6. Having a worser bad pain in the back of my leg is not amusing. I don't want to know about it. That dvt was supposed to be getting better. I can hardly hobble on my leg when I start off in the morning ...argh...

7. You really don't need thirty from me....welcome back cbw and cbks. Good to have you back. Have a fun weeekend.

Pueblo girl said...

1) The cats are peeing in the shower again, which means it's time to refresh the litter tray.
2) This, along with some important paperwork and some important phone calls, is being put off until such time as they all become emergencies.
3) I thought it was Wednesday - the above are moving closer to red alert status.

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

1. Like Annie, I miss ya'll and Mathews and am about to get in the car and just down.

2. I FINALLY managed to get the new computer with it's monster monitor set up AND the wireless router reconfigured and working.

3. y 3 y/o, Gaby, told me the most wonderful thing last night, and I am still smiling like a loon. She leaned over after prayers last night and said, "Mumma, you always pray for everyone else, so I'm gonna pray for you, cause you ahhh AWESOME!" And then she leaned her head against mine, closed her eyes and said, " Dear Jesus, please bless my mumma cause she lets me wear da princess dress every single day. And please bless her to brush her teeth cause she gots onion breath!"

I love that kid!

Angel Mama said...

1. It's rainy today, it fits me..

2. Wow, I would love to meet Uncle Bill.

3. Did I mention it's raining.

4. My Angel is home alone for the first time today, my Mom is going to check on her a couple of times.

Daryl said...

(1) uplocati is my word verif. this is a slur often used by vacationers referring to the townies and (2) not, as some think, a little know nickname for the periscope... oh and its NOT Italian but Latin

(3) its going to rain tomorrow, does this mean we wont be able to see the Sept 11 light memorial?

(4) Am I sure there is a light memorial tomorrow?

(5) I miss Gwynn's Island

Daryl said...

Now the word verif. is pyano ..a misspelled musical instument .. I had to .. had to leave another comment when I saw that was the word verif.

Living on the Spit said...

1. I am counting down the days til Oyster Fest.

2. I thought about you last night when I was out on the bay.

3. I am done with the rain, but I love the cooler temps and the wind is amazing.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I miss Gwynn's Island.
2. I miss Twinkie.
3. I miss Virginia.

Caution Flag said...

1. I don't want to meet Bill.
2. I want to be Bill.
3. I'm sorry that you have to work during the week-end.

Anonymous said...

1. I have had one of the best weekends of my life

2. I got engageed Monday night to a wonderful Man

3. Life is good (till the next crisis)


nativedevil said...

1.Looking forward to football tonight. Chilly here, I'll need a jacket.
2. Glad to be able to come in for Market Days on Saturday. Won't see you Sat. night, heading to Lynchburg in the evening.
3. 18 hour surgery a week from today. Yuck.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

1. I have a book signing tonight, so working, of sorts.

2. My birthday is tomorrow, so excited as hubby taking day off to take me out to lunch and a movie.

It may be rainy, but cooler. Love fall days.

maria from nj said...

1. I'm late leaving for a 3 hour drive. Ugh! But notice I am typing here instead of packing!!

2. Its turning to real fall too fast!

3. I am looking forward to a weekend of friends, festivity and what's an 'f' word for drinking!?!
My verif is 'gamistwo', should have been 'gamisthree'. Oy!!

maria from nj, pt 2.0 said...

Oh, and. CONGRATULATIONS MsSeaBreeze!! Way to go!

Now its 'twingere' what's up with this 2 thing? ;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1-Little T is feeling better about his combination lock on his locker at school.
2-That makes me not worry as much.
3-Is he really in the 6th grade?

baronessvonb said...

1. I'm so tired of coming back from the grocery store only to find out that something I had a lot of has mysteriously and steathily disappeared from my fridge. Damned that dog (he gets blamed for everything)

2. This short week has got me discombobulated.

3. I chickened out having 'the talk' today with my friend who has the really scary dog & who lets said dog run off leash wherever. It was charming until he started to practically feast on a collie this weekend. To suggest that she should be muzzling him is akin to me telling her how to raise her kids. Gah.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. A 92-year old man drove the whole way from Florida? Wow! I'll have whatever he's having.

2. My grandma learned to use email when she was in her 80s. While she had a cordless phone, I think a cell phone would have baffled her.

3. Old people are awesome. Really. Go hug one today!

tj said...

...Okay, I missed Three Thing Thursday so how about Four Thing Friday? Yayyy! So here we go:

1)I want to come to the next BlogFest and I want it to be in Mathews.

2)Marriage is hard.

3)Christmas is less than 14 weeks away.

4)I want to know what kind of vitamins that Bill is taking. :o)