Thursday, October 8, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Here's a shot of one horizon, two seagulls and four tall posts.

While we're frolicking in the sea of so many numbers, and to assuage the fears of those who cringe when things are missing or out of sequence (one-two-four, anyone?), I'd like to welcome you to Three Thing Thursday, where I tell three things and you tell three things--whatever you want, anything at all.

So, to recap: One horizon, two birds, three things to tell, four tall posts.

There now.

Here are my three or four things:

1. The past several nights have been heavenly. The cool, crisp air and so many bugs singing evening ballads make for some incredible sleeping, particularly with the sliding doors and windows open. The 5:30 alarm and associated swearing are not included in this lovely image of the past several nights.

2. The Chesapeake Bay Children and I marvelled over what we called the harvest moon, a huge, incredible moon rising from the east each evening. There's another similar moon phase called the hunter's moon, and because we lack attention to anything to detail we're not sure which one we've admired. I'll need to do some searches on Wikipedia research and get back to you on this whole moon thing. No matter what it is called, HOLY MACKEREL, it's a gorgeous moon. Or it was. I think it's gone now.

3. Tonight I made a bonfire outside just off the back patio, and as I write this it's still going strong. The scent of burning wood and leaves, the cool, crisp air and the songs of nocturnal insects floating through the open windows have just persuaded me to declare a new found love for fall. Remind me next year to take any vacation days I may have during the first two weeks of October.

4. I really love the word "assuage." Not only do I like how it sounds, I like what it stands for.

Now, please have at it. Tell us three or more things. Write whatever you want. There are no limits (even to the number of things), no boundaries, no rules whatsoever.

Let it all hang out.


Ann Marie said...

1. Fall is my FAVORITE SEASON right behind summer spring and winter. Ok Ok kidding Fall comes first I LOVE it the air the leaves the sky you name it I love it.

2. Considering I did not drink wine last year this time I am thinking that wine in a pretty glass sitting beside a camp fire would be completely relaxing not to mention the glow of the fire glancing off of the wine... I bet that would be pretty. (Note to self... try that this weekend)

3. I am having a tough time with 3. Hmmm Another fall favorite is Hallow Scream at Busch Gardens this year I am being lazy and not looking forward to it.

4. I need a good book for above campfire... any suggestions???

Caution Flag said...

1. I LOVE the word, assuage, too.
2. My child's flu seems to have progressed into something needing either steroids or antibiotics, and what that means is one more day out of school.
3. Last year he missed 20 days because of asthma and the school never mentioned the excessive absences to us.
4. I would like to sue either the doctor for telling me to lose weight or Weight Watchers for telling me portion control is the key.
5. When I get my settlement $$ from aforementioned lawsuits, I'm going to spend it at Dairy Queen.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Caution FLag - You did the impossible. Made me laugh out loud before having my coffee.

Ann Marie- Considering I've not read a book all the way through in more than five years, I'm not a good one to recommend a book. I just stare at the fire and wait for my brain to stop racing. Then I enjoy the break from stressful thoughts. (Note: pine straw, leaves and pine cones make wonderful kindling.)

Big Hair Envy said...

1. That same (now waning) moon has been rising up over the field in our neck of the woods this past week. I like to call it "Freakin' Awesome!", but that's just me;)

2. I had an endometrial ablation done yesterday; therefore, I had no wine last night. I lived to tell about it...not having wine that is.

3. Blog Fest - Oyster Style is coming up very soon. When can we get together to iron out the details??? I can't wait to see everyone!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE-Sorry to hear about your procedure but glad you're here to talk about it. Absotively we can get together. I'll e-mail you.

Anonymous said...

1. OMG Caution Flag, can we make it a class action law suit? I am trying desperately to START weight watchers myself. I made it through breakfast Monday, almost through lunch Tuesdy and yesterday decided I need to rethink my strategy to smaller steps...such as 1 hour increment increases daily. Yeah, that might work. After all, Rome wasn't buit in a day.

2. They say this weight didn't all come on in a day, so don't expect it to come off in a day. I think they lied. I KNOW I woke up with it one morning and thought to myself WHY do all my clothes not fit all of a sudden.

3. Nothing is worse that a recovering food a holic. I think they should be included in our law suit for harrassment.

4. I CAN do daughter says she will quit smoking if I lose weight. Ok ok ok....for HER sake I can do this. Totally unselfish of me, I assure you that I am only thinking of her when I eat that carrot stick for snack.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Ms.Seabreeze - You CAN do it. Also, you were an excellent runner in high school. Not that you need to start running again, but walking is a wonderful, very easy way to at least get moving. At work (and THANK THE LORD I'M NOT AT WORK TODAY, AMEN)I try and walk during my lunch break. (Then I nibble at my desk throughout the day. I'm not actually nibbling the wood of my desk, but I'm nibbling something or another throughout the day while sitting there, pretending to be busy.)

Coffee's kicking in.

Anyway, if you ever want to get togther to walk, I'm all for it. Just never seem to have enough time, esp. now that daylight is scarcer in the evenings.

Daryl said...

October is the best time to visit NYC

I guess I missed that moon, maybe out gale force winds yesterday blew it away

Oh my 'war' with the NY Times Delivery people .. over .. I won

Grandma J said...

I love the way assuage sounds so much I just spent twenty minutes listening to both the male and female version on

1. packing and repacking my car for my trip next week

2. printing out "maps by the hour" for the first 600 miles of my trip

3. preparing crusty and pjb for their first major road trip.

tj said...

...Uh, hello?*tap*tap*tap* If you're gonna be sportin' unknown verbage here on Life In Mathews you better have a definition to follow for us slower folks...*hee,hee* :o)

...Love the photo too btw CBW!

...Three things huh? Okay, here goes:
1) It's rainin' cats and dogs here.
2) I too love Autumn and the smell of wood smoke in the air - it's my fav' season.
3) My life is such that I can't even come up with 3 things for Three Thing Thursday. *sigh*giggle*

...And Ann Marie up there, have you read The Secret Life Of Bees? Great read! :o)

..."Happy Thursday" CBW & fello' Peeps! Blessings too... :o)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Loving that moon.
2. Cdub and I have been howling at it.
3. TMI

Mental P Mama said...

1) Wait. There was a moon?

2) I got nuthin' else.

3) Really....

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I am now responsible for the elimination of 27 mice.

2. Does this mean I am winning? Or just it just mean that there are in fact 6,432 mice in the attic, tiptoeing around in ballet slippers to fool me into just THINKING I am winning The Battle of the Rodent?

3. Number 1 daughter (nearly 4) has just asked me to wipe her little rump because "I've just done the most GLORIOUS poo". I've heard it called many things, but that's not an adjective I believe I've ever used in quite that context.

4. The moon was glorious last night and this morning (I think that might be more socially acceptable usage). Dog and I were admiring it so much that I went bustle over apex on a tree root.

Anonymous said...

Skimmed through here after I googled "assuage", which made me first thing of sausage (same letters, different order), but means "to make something burdonsome or painful less painful or burdonsome".....that is nice. I like it. I still like the word sausage, though.

Ann Marie, you can't go wrong with The Five People You Meet in easy read that has meaning. Or just grab a Harlequin.

1) bought a Halloween costume on-line today. I hope I can convince my husband to dress up and take me somewhere when I'm dressed up as a Greek Goddess. Otherwise, it'll be wasted on the trick-or-treaters.....wig and all.

2) wasted about two and a half hours looking for said costume today while I should have been working

3) need advice on what husband should be if I'm a greek goddess. he won't dress up as a greek god. i saw a snake charmer outfit that was a guy in a turbon with a flute and the snake was rising out of his pants....i like that one, but will he?

Happy Thursday All!

-Middle Sis

Pueblo girl said...

LOVE the photo. Am downloading this instant.

Ok, you did say we could whine, right? There will be more than 3 whines.

1) We are STILL packing up the flat in preparation for the move North.

2) He gets one month's paid leave to move (which starts next week). I have NEVER had paid leave to move - I've done it at weekends, in the evening, on my holidays (and I've moved house around, oh, nearly 20 times). I DO NOT understand what the panic's about.

3) The house is a wreck. Everywhere is covered with boxes.

4) I pack boxes (at his request), and then he unpacks them to see what's in them.

5) I'm a "throw everything in, we can sort it out later" kinda gal. He's looking through bank statements from the year 1800 to see if they can be binned.

6) I know this will pass, but I am not feeling the love at this precise moment... ;·)

You wanted suggestions: How about you write about your time in the city, and your move back to Mathews?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Daryl-To the victor go the spoils. Or something like that. Glad you won. I'm going to talk to BHE about a possible trip up north.

GJ-I wish I had a videotape of you listening to the dictionary on-line. Also, my brain is musty not to mention malfunctioning---where are you going again? I must revisit your site because I've already forgotten. Wherever it is, be sure to take lots of photos of Crusty and PJB.

tj-You crack me up. Consistently. You have a whole flock of bloggers who are dying for you to come to Blog Fest '10. If I have to come out there and drive you here myself I will.

NNG-Just enough information. JEI. Isn't it gorgeous? The moon that is.

MPM-I'll have a picture of the moon tomorrow and Sunday. (Sunday's will be better, tomorrow's is just a filler.)

Mrs. F. x 4: THANK YOU for the laugh but also for my new favorite expression: bustle over apex. (Not to be a downer, but there are probably more than 27 mice. If I had any words of wisdom other than lighting a match, I'd share. Maybe the glorious poo would scare them away?)

Middle Sis: Only you would be thinking of sausages. Moving right along, I'm surprised you didn't mention the MEDIUM RARE SAUSAGE PATTIES that you were served one evening lo those many years ago. I"m sure your husband will take you out for Halloween. Will have to get back to you on what he should be. Right now the creative side of my brain is on break because while it was working the only thing it could think of had to do with sausages, aka pieces of assuage.

Pueblo Girl: Whine away, please, your misery has plenty of company here. Is there a way to send the other half out for a bit while you do the packing? Also, thank you very much for the blog topic, that's an excellent suggestion and one I'll have to work on. This one can't be churned out in three seconds like all of my others rambling posts, so it may take some time.

Thank you all for participating. Love these comments.

foolery said...

1. I'm freezing.
2. It will top out at about 74F today.
3. Still freezing.