Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

This is a picture of a tree triangle down at Bethel Beach. I wanted to call this an "isosolese" triangle. Google slapped my wrist and told me I really meant "isosceles" and then Wikipedia corrected me even further and said I meant "scalene." Math and geometry were never my thing. English was my thing when I was younger, but evidently everything I learned evaporated into thinning hair.

Today is not Let's Discuss the Three Sides of a Triangle Day, but it is Three Thing Thursday, where I share three things and you share three things, whatever you want, anything at all.

1. This week at work I discovered that I cannot retire from my current job until the year 4,098 or thirty days after I reach the age of 102, whichever is later.

2. That assumes two major things: (a) my current job stays where it is until the year 4,098 or age 102 (Ha!) and (b) I will be able to work that long, i.e. no terminal illness, no fatal or debilitating car accidents, no accidental death or dismemberment by fiddler crabs.

3. All my fingernails on one hand broke off--at about the same time--well below the normal breaking point this past weekend. This has never happened to me before. There is only one conclusion: I have a major thyroid ailment--or worse a rare and deadly fingernail disease--that will put me out of work for a few months before I keel over, kick the bucket and croak. All before I can enjoy the golden years of retirement when I turn 102.

Now it's your turn to tell me three things, anything at all, whatever you want. Your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your worries.

Your recommended doctors for rare and deadly fingernail diseases


Angela said...

1. My fingernails are always so short because of my garden working joys. This is much disliked by my Polish neighbour, the fingernail shop lady. Maybe I should ask her about your rare fingernail disease? But I suppose you broke them all off in one night, while dreaming a wild dream of fighting crocodiles and pulling their scales out.

2. We have a VERY heavy storm since about three days and nights, and it still does not think of stopping. The beach has reduced its size by half, IN SPITE of the wave breakers!

3. Did you happen to stumble over Willow`s blog at Life at Willow Manor? You could also find links at Reya`s and Tessa`s (The Gold Puppy and An Aerial Armadillo). Willow has thrown a cyber party, much like your blog fest, only different. Look it up if you have the time! You will get ideas for your next blog fest I promise!

Daryl said...

Sounds to me like dry skin/nails .. Kiehls expensive but extremely effective/good Argan Body(and hands and feets)lotion ... worth every dollar. I have Sahara Desert dry skin no more ...

Angela's suggestion that Willow's cyber ball is anything like a real life in person BlogFest is incorrect...

I am still awaiting my quilt which our dear friend Marlene said she mailed on or around Oct 5

Mrs F with 4 said...

I have just so much to bore you with today. Sorry, to share with you in the faint hope of receiving a small modicum of sympathy (sadly lacking in this house):

1. Two children have upset stomachs;

2. Three toilets are blocked (could this be connected?);

3. The washing machine vomited dirty water across the newly cleaned floor;

4. I was viciously attacked by a pumpkin (who knew they could bite?) and now I have an abscess under my thumbnail. It hurts. A lot;

5. I thought the mice were all dead, or at least had fled the House Of Mouse, but no, they were just regrouping to organise a pincer movement;

6. Dog decided he COULD catch a sleeping goose. On the other side of the lake. The lake is very big and the goose was not sleeping.

WV: slimpu... I'm feeling rather slimpu today.....

The Good Life in Virginia said...

1. it's raining...misting outside. this is fine such i am inside;
2. i can retire in 9 years, i think;
3. three weeks until we leave for the oyster festival. i am so in need of a long, long weekend.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Daryl must have been a doctor in a former life. Or an esthetician.
2. Are you ready for the double nor'easter weekend?
3. I am as sick as a dog, and going to infect UVa this weekend;)

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. Although not as tragic as your fingernail malady, I do have the sniffles and therefore cannot do my baby-holding volunteer gig this afternoon. As a poor substitute, I will be huffing Johnson's Baby Powder in my bathroom.

2. Since I'm all pouty about the baby thing, I'm going on a window-shopping excursion. Since I have no money, pouting will increase exponentially (threw in another math term for ya there, Euclid!)

3. Older son doesn't have classes until this afternoon, so will be pounding on drum kit until about 12:30 - maybe excursioning will be far more pleasant than I thought.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I'm not one to ever be ungrateful for a free lunch, but this thin-crust Domino's personal pizza that my client-boss bought me honestly doesn't taste all that much better than the Celeste Pizza for One I was going to microwave. It does have more pepperoni though. And I never had to leave my desk, so there's that.

2. This client is having a fire drill at 1:30 today. Currently it is like 48 degrees and rainy outside. The Executive Admin informed me that fires don't schedule themselves according to the weather and thus this will be good practice!

3. That reminds me, I have to see if I won Powerball last night.

big hair envy said...

I got nothin'....

mmm said...

1. I cannot retire - unless I win the lottery.

2. I did not win the lottery last night.

3. The odds are not good that I will win it Saturday night either.

Extra Credit: The odds are not good that I will ever win it or ever retire.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Oh, I forgot.... fingernail doctor.... Edward Scissorhands?

maria from nj said...

1. It is COLD in NJ. At least 20 degrees colder than it should be! I am NOT happy.

2. It has rained ALL day in NJ. I am NOT happy.

3. I am tired and I am NOT happy. You and I can retire at about the same time! I keep thinking "why bother paying SS fees?". I am even LESS happy!!

Todays rant brought to you by Gnatex, which I will need to drink by the gallon when we retire!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Angela-Your storm is so big, it's covering us too. This cold, dreary rain will never end.

Daryl-Thank you for the recommendations. Something tells me our Dollar General will not carry these products, but at least it gives me something to search for however futile that search may be. Sahara Desert pretty much sums things up, both skin-wise and store-wise.

Mrs. F with 4 - *OH* how I love reading your comments. There is something ever-so-familiar about your travails, it's as if I've found someone with just my luck in life. Keep your chin up and may your toilets come unclogged. I'm right there with you in slimpu...

The Good Life: 9 years! That's like a blink of the eye. Oyster Festival is right around the corner, hopefully this rain will be gone by then.

MPM-Those U.Va. students are all immune to germs, something about what they put in the beverages or so I hear. Feel better soon.

Baronness-Sorry about having to powder sniff. FYI-for those who have not read the Baroness, please click on her link. Sometimes serious, often times hilarious, she's wonderful to read.

Meg-Remember your Virginia friends when that powerball hits. Sorry about the lunch, I'm an advocate of the frozen pizzas myself, that's because I live in Mathews. (Although quite honestly Stanstrings here at Cobbs Creek Market is very good. I'd like to be their marketing rep and suggest a different name and better signage for their business, but be that as it may their pizza and food is good.)

BHE-You're singin' my song, girl. BTW-games tomorrow night will likely be cancelled due to lack of superdome or ark to withstand floods.

MMM-Don't give up hope, you never know.

Mrs. F. - Perfect.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Had dinner with BHE.
Wine was involved.
Explains why she has nothing!

foolery said...

I can retire whenever I want.This minute, for example. It's all the same dollar amount: zero.