Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two Shot Tuesday

Because even I am bored with this blog, I've decided to do something different.

First, there are two pictures today instead of only one

Wow, Chesapeake Bay Woman, you've really stepped outside your comfort zone! Have you thought about getting a life? of any other new and unusual things for this Two Shot Tuesday?

I'm glad I you asked.

Second, we're going to decide which of the two we like better and explain why. If this sounds like a compare and contrast question from first grade high school, I apologize. Actually, I'm curious to hear your opinions because so often pictures I don't like seem to resonate with others and vice versa.

I'll go first because I can.

I like the first one best because the color is crisper and the emphasis is where it should be, which is strictly on the truck. The second shot is OK, but the colors and lines are duller, plus a bit of the road is visible at the bottom; I should have zoomed in just a bit more. (Once again, I just stopped in the middle of the road to take these pictures. This was off Route 14 near North not far from the old Club 14. Oh the stories I could tell about that place. Another time perhaps.)

However, in real life, the second shot was the essence of what I was trying to capture. See that archway of tree limbs just above the truck? The trees formed a tunnel around the truck. The headlights were like eyes peering out, unsure and very uncomfortable at the prospect of leaving the protection of the trees.

What do you think? First or second shot? Which one do you like better and why? If you don't like either one, that's fine too. There are no right or wrong responses.

For those of you preparing to run away screaming at the thought of discussing some barely discernible differences between two mediocre photos, answer this: Am I the only one who played with Tonka trucks as a kid? I had a red one that looked very similar to this one, and it was my favorite.

I love trucks, especially old ones.


maria from nj said...

You're right about the color difference which makes me life the first one much more. The muted colors of the truck stand out in the first, whereas the second one could have been as good (and especially for the reasons you shot it) if you'd been able to crop and tweak it in Photoshop.

I think you'd even benefit from the adjustments possible in Photoshop Elements which is much more affordable than the full program. Of course, (and here may be the problem) your computer has to be fit enough to handle the software. But, take it from me, it can save quite a few 'not quite there' photos.

Love your pictures regardless. You have a good eye for capturing interesting scenes.

Val said...

i like the first one because the colour saturation is better, and it just has a much more powerful presence?

Pueblo girl said...

No! No! Not bored at all. Don't go there...

I also like the first one best, for all the reasons you describe. And I liked your description of why the second was what you were aiming for. Often it's the photos we weren't aiming for that turn out the best (if we don't understand our cameras, that is). I expect there's a lesson in that.

Annie said...

yes, definitely the first one..very striking and "in your face"..

I can see what you mean about the second one..it gives me a bit of an eerie feeling...a bit, "why is that truck parked there" and "what would happen if one were to walk up there" and "is there someone hiding in them there bushes"...creepy is the word I wanted...the sort of situation you warn yourself and your daughter not to get into...!!


just don't go any closer to those trucks parked in the bushes, will you?

sorry, sometimes, I have an overactive imagination!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oh. I dropped in because I thought we were going to be DOING shots, not analyzing them! Someone pass the bourbon...

Daryl said...

The first is better because it focuses on the truck ... if the truck were in a field I would have gone with a long shot but it really looks best in the close up

BTW .. please do not let CBMama or CBPapa have the dead cars removed before I get back there ... I am so jealous of Kate's VW shots ..

WV: cianed .. its Cajun for Sinnned

mmm said...

The first shot by a long shot. Does the truck still run? Is it for sale? I'm looking for an old truck and a few shots.

Anonymous said...

are you sure you haven't been sneaking around in my woods? That looks like one of our trucks....


PS BTW, no need to sneak, stop in and say hello.

Mental P Mama said...

Definitely the first one. They scare me for some reason...must be channeling Stephen King.

And my veriword? kintoxin

Isn't that redundant?

big hair envy said...

I'm going to go against the general consensus. I like the second one because I can see where the old truck "lives"! As a child, I would have LOVED to play in those woods, AND in that old truck. Of course, it was probably still NEW when I was a kid...GAH!

How come you get all of the good Word Verifications??

TSannie said...

I think you should take the truck from the first shot and insert it in the second shot. It can be done! I KNOW it! But have no idea how...

veriword: ablecki

"It was a very rainy and ablecki day last Saturday."

I'll shut up now.

Grandma J said...

I like the first one because with my failing vision it's sharper and I don't need to grab my glasses.
Yep, crisper and bigger = no glasses.
Now if I could just super-size the rest of my world....

beep beep!

Angel Mama said...

I like them both - although to me, the 1st one makes me feel like I need to turn and run, or else be run over...

Would love to hear the Club 14 stories - I only have one from that place - and it was enough for me to turn and run (again)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria-Can you be sure to sign up for next summer's Blog Fest? I need you to teach me more about Photoshop. Last year I was supposed to get Grandma J. to teach me some technical stuff, but we got so busy laughing and having a good time I forgot all about it. (p.s. You don't have to have a blog to attend...but that reminds me - you should start one if you haven't already, really. Thanks for your words of encouragement.)

Val-Yes, I agree, although I could never have stated it so eloquently. Folks, Val is in Africa and should be writing for Natonal Geographic or Conde Naste. She's fabulous - please click on her name and check out her site.

PuebloGirl-You're so kind, but I do feel drab and boring these days. You're right about the life lesson, though, so right.

Annie-If your imagination is overactive--and I'm not saying it is--you've come to the right place. Your comments liven this place up regularly, and I so look forward to reading them each day. Thank you for being an overachiever in the imagination department, I truly appreciate it.

Meg-THANK YOU! I lobbed this ball called Two Shots up in the air thinking that someone would slam dunk it, and you did. I was originally going to explain that the two shots were photos vs. shooters, but then I thought I'd sit back and see what happened. You've done me proud, girl.

Daryl-Rest assured those cars will be there when you return, even if you don't return until the year 3045 and even if the entire population of Earth has shifted to Mars. Those cars will still be there.

MMM-If I had to guess I'd wager it runs, but there was no Ror Sale sign in the window. Of if so, I was too nervous to focus on that detail given the circumstances (i.e. stopped in the middle of the road, furiously trying to get a photo).

AMN-I could have been wrong about the location, although I can almost guarantee you it's not your truck. This was either at North on some side road OR it was in Middlesex - I can't remember which. Either way, there was a ton of soybean fields, and this sprung out all of a sudden. I just rolled the window down and snapped the shot, praying nobody was creeping up behind me. If you do have a truck like this, I'll be sure to check it out when I come your way to take a photo of that gorgeous gate of yours.

MPM-I need to detox from kintoxin, which is a tall order when the kintoxin lives next door. (Just kidding, CB Parents. Maybe.)

BHE-Good for you for daring to be different. Where that truck lives is awesome, truly.

TSA-I'll take a rainy Saturday any time; a day at work is truly where you're going to experience ablecki day.

GJ-Hopefully you have an agent by now. I expect one by next Blog Fest. Stand-up is your calling.

AngelM - Would love to hear your Club 14 story. We need to get together one of these day if I haven't said that four thousand times before. I've already penciled you in for the next Blog Fest, fyi.

Thanks for commenting, everyone. After ablecki day at work, these make me laugh.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Me likes numeral uno! This shot reminds me of "old blue" our 1960 Ford dump truck. Yep she is still running!