Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Thing Thursday

Here we have a dead crab.

And here in the next sentence we have Three Thing Thursday, where I tell you three things and you tell me three things, whatever you want, anything at all.

I'll begin.

1. Because of an overnight field trip, Chesapeake Bay Daughter had to be up, packed and at a particular place--15 miles away--at exactly 6:30 a.m. this morning, "Or else!" the bus would leave her. That meant we both had to get up way earlier than usual, which for me is the @$$-crack of dawn already early enough.

2. I think that crab above looks like he's performing a ballet move.

3. Most of my life I've been able to distract myself from stressful events by completely denying they exist. Hence the shift from my daughter's stringent field trip requirements to a crab doing ballet and a convenient omission of everything in between.

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things, tell me 42 things. Random or related. Pertaining to crabs or to ballet, I don't care.

The world is your oyster. A crispy, salty, fried oyster.


TSannie said...

There's no 3 things in my life at this hour. BUT

I think that crab has lost a leg or two. Possibly on that field trip. Did he get run over????

And my WV is a combination that definitely needs to be a word with its very own definition, especially after this comment of mine:

ODDERIZ - (I do believe that could be the definition of the answer I gave to your post, which is pretty much nonsensical if I don't say so myself.)

I'm going to bed now.

Annie said...

1. After a small glitch in proceedings, it appears I am still coming to NY.

2. I am currently doing nothing at all. Another bury your head in the sand cousin sister someone.

3. Not only has the crab lost a leg, it appears to be upside down to me?

4. (I can never resist number 4). I am tired, have a sore (other) leg I hurt at tennis on Tuesday, and supposed to be playing tennis tonight...mmm..I will probably be alseep instead!

Ann Marie said...

1. I am making myself french toast.. why because I can.. and I am in denial that my fat butt does not need it.

2. I didn't make anyone else any.. why because I didn't have to.

3. I need more coffee.

4. I am out of my favorite wine... can someone please pass the maple syrup.

Country Girl said...

Three things, then.

1. I am hungry.
2. I miss coffee.
3. You won my giveaway contest.

I'm excited for you.

Mental P Mama said...

1. I don't know how Annie stays up so late.
2. Denial is a wonderful coping skill.
3. Did someone say oyster?

mom x 2 said...

1. Chocolate
2. Party
3. At BHE's :)

4. Oyster Festival soon- wait did you say 3 things???

Diane said...

1. As always, I am on the wrong side of the country to drive Chesapeake Bay daughter for you since I am up at the butt crack of dawn EVERY morning anyway.

2. There's something appealing about the butt crack of dawn... no one is awake to ask you for anything...

3. I am a huge advocate of denial. I am willing to give lessons...

4. I miss you!

Daryl said...

1. My hives are back

2. I am excited you won Kate's giveaway and the pix you chose are my favs

3. Its supposed to be warm today but I am in my office with a sweater and scarf on top of the long sleeved top I have on ... I am COLD

WV: ingeatog .. I believe that's Dutch for warm clothes

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. Just waiting for my H1N1-esque son to call me from school to say that maybe he shouldn't have gone back today after all.

2. Praying that one more days' diet of egg whites and broth and excessive gym time (i.e. 3 minutes) will get me into "The Dress" for Saturday night's gala - as it stands now, if I fart, I'll blow out the seams.
(mental note: double check any flatulence-inducing foods on the menu...)

3. Hoping that afore-mentioned son's teachers appreciated the humour in the cards I had to write to explain his absence the last 3 days "Son has been away from classes due to some odd social obligation than suggest he stay at home and infect his family with his coughing, vomiting and general malaise." If they don't get it, I'm in trouble. Oh well.

Grandma J said...

Oh that looks like one of Crusty's relatives! And it looks like I feel...under the weather. ugh

JC said...

Congrats on winning Kate's contest. That is where I found you ...

Now Three Things ..

1 ~ I slept in this morning. (sorry I know you didn't)

2 ~ The leaves are falling and my yard now is a yellowish brownish color. Very pretty actually !!

3 ~ I'm waiting for a phone call from my vet so we can schedule my dogs surgery.

So now you know three things about me ...

Karen Deborah said...

I love the way your mind works; free flight of ideas.

i hate getting up early, it's when i sleep the best

sometimes I capitalize and sometimes i don't, so who cares?

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I am becoming the harbinger of rodent death. Today three squirrels, one chipmunk and an ineffably stinky skunk all hurled themselves under the wheels of my van;

2. OK, not all strictly rodents, but when added to the constant parade of bodies I'm hurling down through my loft hatch, I think you get my drift;

3. Oh SH*T - it is SNOWING!! I mean, I know it's always snowing somewhere, but right now, at this very second, it is snowing in MY yard. Heavily. I am soft and English, I am never, but NEVER, ready for winter in Quebec;

4. Number 3 is code for "I have not yet found the winter boots / coats / gloves from where I gleefully tossed them in the basement in spring". By my calculation, it is precisely FIVE months since the last of the snow disappeared from my grass. Fair? I think not.

These Nine Acres said...

1. Ladybugs are eating me alive in swarms. Okay, they aren't eating me but it feels like they are staring me down and WANT to eat me.

2. I love to eat crabs.

3. My kid had a field trip today to the Baltimore Science Center. I did NOT have to get up any earlier ;0)

maria from nj said...

1. I got up earlier than my usual to get in for a meeting.

2. I was blown off, not even a message to say "I am blowing you off".

3. Ate at a Portuguese restaurant this Sunday, the fried calamari had little legs! Freaked me out!

4. Tomorrow is Friday!! Thank gah!

foolery said...

1. Ordered more memory for my Mac, to go with the memory card I bought last year but didn't replace because I had backing up to do but didn't do it and then Chas moved all the contents of my desk to the new house and I never saw my memory card (and address book) again.

There gotta be at least three things in there. I'm done. You're welcome.

p.s. Baroness, if they didn't get that then THE WORLD is in trouble. ; )

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Nicks
2. on
3. friday