Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Familiar Scene

This tree is a very familiar sight to anyone living in Mathews who has to travel to Gloucester and points beyond, and let's face it.

We Mathewsonians  all have to travel to Gloucester and points beyond at some point whether we want to or not.

Anyway this tree lives along Route 14 in Gloucester, in a field across the road from my fifth-grade English teacher's old farmhouse, which is now Holly Hill Antiques.

These photos were taken under duress so the quality is lacking, but trust me.
It's a beautiful tree.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven by this tree and wanted to pull over to snap some photos.  However this particular stretch of road is like the Autobahn, and pulling over on the shoulder to take pictures is not exactly the safest thing to do.

(In the interest of safety, I will refrain from telling you how these were actually taken, but rest assured it isn't something you're going to read about in any safe driving manual.)

Next to this tree is an old silo that ordinarily sports a sign for the pumpkin farm in Mathews, run by Fighting Mermaid and her family.

As a side note, I worked there back in high school when it was a strawberry farm, and I loved it! But tending to strawberry fields in the heat and humidity of Mathews County is very hard work. Shortly afterwards I decided working at an amusement park might be fun, so I went to work at Busch Gardens.  Which is a whole other story for a whole other day.

The orange pumpkin sign gives directions to the farm.

Alas, I've noticed the last couple of times I've driven by this silo that the pumpkin sign has fallen off. This made me think about who would be responsible for retrieving the sign and hanging it back up, and exactly how they'd go about doing so.  That hanging spot is pretty high off the ground.

I also wondered if they'd bring a camera with them.

What a great opportunity to take pictures without having to worry about getting run over...


(*waving* Hi, Fighting Mermaid! Let me know if you need any help retrieving this sign. I'll bring the camera!)


deborah said...

Very nice tree!
Have a great and adventurous Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

You know a man died in that silo! (wait for it)

So you ask how ? He walk around in circle's trying to find a corner to pee in!!!! I know old joke! but they is the thing I remember when I see the silo!!! MM

Maria_NJ said...

I love to go strawberry picking, but your right, it is usually hot work, but the end result, ummm sugar sweet strawberries...

have a wonderful week...

Deltaville Jamie said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing pics of things that are familiar. It's like coming home.

Daryl Edelstein said...

Jamie is right, its like coming home .. love the silo .. I bet Shelley and AG could put that sign back up in the dark ... oh wait, not put it back .. take it down .. hellooo Krystal Ball!

Deltaville Jamie said...

OMG! Is it time for Blogfest??? Because remembering Krystal Ball just made me extremely homesick for Mathews and all my Blisters

Trisha said...

Such a nice tree - and a nice landmark for those who live and travel around there.

Now I am wondering just when that sign will be rehung. Hopefully BEFORE pumpkin season or people will be seriously lost on their way to the pumpkin patch!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi, and et you know I'm peeping in!


WV is lardo.

That's just WRONG.

Country Girl said...

That silo looks like it's near a CORNFIELD!

Fighting Mermaid said...

So I have been feeling a little guilt every time I drive by that silo on the way to work, seeing that sign on the ground...and will stop tomorrow to see if it needs some fixin before it gets hoisted once again. Will let you know how it goes...if I don't get hit by a speeding car, LOL. There is a little bit of shoulder to pull off on...and I could risk the drive down, but I won't since I don't have 4wheel drive. Many funny stories about getting that sign up over the years. My brother got stuck up there on a hoist while friends drove by and waved...and didn't know he was stuck. I'm laughing too hard to be considered a good sister.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MM-Thank you, as always, for your comic relief. We've missed your wit here!

AMN-Good to hear from you! Hope your family is doing well, especially that newest member.

Fighting Mermaid - If you need help, let me know. I can't even imagine how anyone, including your brother, got that sign up there without a cherry picker or a Dominion truck. The image of your brother stuck while his friends drove by waving is hilarious. I will be thinking about that every time I go by now, which is OFTEN.

Thanks to all of you for commenting.