Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things

Welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where I share three thoughts and hopefully you do too.

1. Tuesday evening we had a few snow flurries. The weather was bitterly cold and had there been more precipitation we might have had some accumulation, but alas they were only flurries. (I say if it's going to be cold and dark outside, there might as well be snow on the ground. While we're at it, I'd like to declare the months of January and February as Official National Hibernation Months. I see no other practical use for these months except to sleep.)

2.Ordinarily I avoid bread like the plague (with the one exception being the bread I ate in NYC recently, and that's because we just don't get that kind of bread here in Mathews).  I can't stand sandwiches and just have never been a big bread eater.  But for some reason two nights in a row all I've wanted to eat is bread, and it doesn't matter what kind.  The first night I ran out, bought some Martin's potato bread and forced myself to stop after two pieces.  Last night I made some Grands biscuits--and oh, were they grand (definitely not from a nutritional standpoint but taste-wise they did the trick).  Come to think of it, at work today I ate a piece of 7-grain bread with my salad.  That means my mid-section is now the exact consistency of the Pillsbury Doughboy I've eaten more bread these past two days than in the past six months. Google tells me bread (and other carbohydrate) cravings can be caused by blood sugar problems, depression, neurotransmitter deficiencies, too much darkness, the Mayan calendar, the months of January and February, birds dropping spontaneously out of the sky, having to get up at 5:30 a.m. when it's still dark outside, post-traumatic-holiday stress disorder, or returning to work after an extended break.

OK, so maybe I helped Google out a little bit with some of the explanations.  Regardless, this bread eating can not and will not go on.

3.  Friday at 4:30 at Ware Academy is Chesapeake Bay Daughter's first home basketball game.  I am already    warming up my vocal chords for the screaming and hollering and cannot wait.

What's going on in your world? What three things are on your mind right now?


Kay L. Davies said...

1. Does stale Christmas cake count as bread?
2. My husband referees basketball but doesn't want me to sit in the stands yelling, "Attaboy, ref."
3. Instead of just staring at her empty dish, our dog has taken to fetching one of us to follow her to the dog food container as 6pm approaches.
PS (aka 4, which is over the 3 limit) Our weather has been unseasonably warm. 54F in the afternoon and 41F at 10pm.

deborah said...

1. It's January ...bitter cold and bleak. Even the dog hurries when she has to go out-
2. Bread is a weakness of mine, love some yummy buttered toast anytime!
3. I love to watch basketball! Have a great time cheering your daughter on!
Wishing you a terrific weekend!

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. The last home game Midge had I was reduced to sticking Tootsie Roll Pops in my mouth because I was cheering on the refs by saying "Do you need cataract surgery?" "Where'd they get you? The Alzheimer's ward? Did you forget the rules?" Please know,I have the utmost respect for officials as someone who umpired softball. It isn't easy.

2. It got cold here, now it's getting warmer. I have plans for the weekend that include being outside. I don't think I'll make it through the Great Hibernation if I don't get time outside.

3. Getting my hair cut tonight. I have no clue how short or if I'm highlighting or not. I might just say "surprise me"

Country Girl said...

1. When I drink wine, I crave carbs. Hmmm. Ha ~
2. We had snow this morning!
3. I hope 11 am isn't too early to eat lunch. If it is, it's too late now.

Daryl Edelstein said...

weird .. where did my comment go?

Windsmurf said...

Happy Thursday everyone.
1. I have to confess I love bread, when we were kids, every once in awhile on Sunday mornings we would have fried bread dough as breakfast - delicious! Not necessarily good for us, but we lived on a farm so we worked it all off.
2. The fried bread dough made me remember the all corn dinners we would have when the corn on the cob in the garden first came in.
3. I think I am beginning to see where my life-long addiction to carbs came from...sigh.

Dghawk said...

1. The Mountaineers won the Orange Bowl last night! WOOOOO!!!!! How 'bout them 'eers!

2. Tomorrow is Friday...FINALLY!...I think.

3. I LOVE bread. I'm especially partial to sourdough. Great flavor, and it doesn't get stuck in the roof of your mouth when you bite into a sandwich.

3a. Favorite sandwich? A butter sandwich, made with homemade butter. Yummmm! And yes, I make butter.

thomas said...

The entire month of February should be spent in Key West Fl.

I wish.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. That eating of bread may be MY problem. I LOVE me some carbohydrates. I love making bread, toasting it, YUMYUMYUM.

2. don't get me started about January and February. And February has ONE EXTRA DAY this year. The worst things happen to me in February, and I am NOT happy about it being one day longer this year. I probably won't leave the house on the 29th, lest fate be tempted.

3. Thinking about ice skating today despite the fact that it's going to be warm-ish again here today.