Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Marsh at Bethel Beach

Today at work I was reminded that I really need to start buying lottery tickets if I ever hope to win of something my grandmother used to say.  I came across an article that talked about the difference between and proper use of the words "presently" and "currently."  Presently means soon; currently, of course, means now.

What that reminded me of was that my grandmother said "presently" often, but she pronounced it differently.  She didn't say presently.  She said predny, or at least that's how it sounded when it came out. "Supper will be ready predny," she'd say, skipping over at least one syllable and adding a whole new consonant. And she meant supper would be ready soon. Outside of my immediate family, I'm not sure I've heard the word pronounced that way.

Yesterday's return to reality was less than pleasant.

I suppose I'll get used to this whole back to work and school thing presently.  But for now I'm still a little disgruntled. Guess I'd better snap out of it, though, there's no use being miserable over it.  I can't change anything about any of it except my outlook particularly as it relates to purchasing lottery tickets.  I can't win if I don't play!

So, I promise to stop complaining about how difficult this week has been. Soon.


p.s. Hop over to my mother's blog and read her post about delivering seafood with my father New Year's Day. You won't be sorry. 


Anonymous said...

LOL, I am very glad I went over to your mother's post--she did weave a little masterpiece, as you'd predicted. Thank the heavens they made it back home in the diesel beast, and hooray for reinforced sports bras !!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Today is feeling a whole lot like a Monday. I hope it feel like a Saturday morning, predny.

Mental P Mama said...

I'm going to Orlando today. Qwuahhh

Windsmurf said...

I'm still in a post New Years funk myself, but I have a few new projects and predny I hope to work up some enthusiasm for them. Right now all I can think in a positive note is I can retire in 2 years. It is so cold in my office, that I should be perfectly preserved by the end of those 2 years.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I am trying harder today to stay positive since I am not retiring or winning the lottery .. predny I will get back into the groove and I suspect it will be right on time for the weekend .. heh!

Country Girl said...

Currently, I'm at work. Currently, MPM is in Orlando. Bah.

Kay L. Davies said...

I've never heard "predny" before, but I like it.
I've heard "prolly" for "probably" all too often, so I don't like it.
I guess it depends on one's point of view.
Hope you can get into the swing of things at work before you do yourself a damage. (I forget who used to say "a damage" but I liked it, so kept it.)

Dghawk said...

I LOVED your Mother's post! The pictures she weaves with words are fabulous! I sympathize with here on the bumpy ride up 81, only I went south to pick up 64 to WV. If she thinks 81 is bumpy, then she definately hasn't experienced the West Virginia Turnpike (also known as the West Virginia Trecherous Pathway). I like to refer to sections of it as a "washboard".

Hang in there, Friday is on it's way.

Anonymous said...

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