Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things

Another old house in the woods down Beaverlett.

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday, where you're encouraged to share three thoughts on any topic at all-- related, unrelated; important, trivial; random, or with purpose. Remember, three is only a suggestion, one which I rarely even follow myself.

Let's begin.

1.I am extremely fortunate to have some truly wonderful friends.  Tuesday night after work I stumbled up the steps to find a package from Zabar's waiting for me. It was from my Blog Friends Daryl, Kate and Lauren, and it was filled with the most delicious, beautiful cheeses I've ever seen/eaten.  I daresay that was the best package I've ever received. Thank you all so much!

2. That same evening, when I walked in the door clutching my Zabar's box (before I even opened it), I asked my son how his day was. "I got my license today," he said. "You mean you're done with Driver's Ed and we have to fill out some paperwork and go to the DMV and then you get your license?" I asked. "No, I have my license." Well, it's a provisional license, but the point is that as I type this he (in theory) is legally able to drive.  Practically speaking there is no spare car for him to drive, but the point is I am now the mother of a teenager who can legally drive.  Alone. Serenity now. Thank the stars above for that box of cheese from Zabar's, which I dove head first into upon hearing these glad  tidings of a son who is now free to legally drive.  

3. Yesterday was a good day in spite of the fact that the calendar says I'm now a year older, 47 years old to be exact.  I sure don't feel 47 and find it really difficult to believe that I'm so close to 50. In spite of that, yesterday was great. My present to myself was a day off from the paying job; I heard from people I haven't heard from in a long time; and the day pretty much ended the way this blog post started:  with me being very grateful for my friends--and family, even those who are now legally able to drive away from me if the opportunity presents itself.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) thoughts. Whatever you want. Anything at all.


deborah said...

I never have three things but I do want to say that I'm so glad you had a nice birthday and glad that you took the day off!
The package was so thoughtful!
I've made it through 2 sons getting their license. It's a journey (no pun intended) for sure.
Bad weather including snow is predicted here tomorrow night. Blah is my thought on that!
Have a great weekend and once again Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You sure look great for 47 (I might believe 27!). What ever you are doing keep it up!

Teenage driver huh! well take some advice from and old friend that has been there. Stock up on the wine, because there are going to be a lot of sleepless nights! But in the end its going to be OK!!!

After six months of your baby boy driving you may look 47!!!! BAHAAA!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Luv Ya My friend! MM

Maria_NJ said...

congrats to the son getting his license...

I'm really glad that you didn't have to work yesterday...

its raining, dark and dreary outside, I'm going to make a pot of bean and kale soup maybe throw in some sausage...

exciting huh??

Mental P Mama said...

1. Hope you had some wine with that!
2. Can't you get him one of those Beetle's?
3. You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

1) Will CB Son be there next weekend? He can drive me around in the rental car....Little Sis and I will be there Saturday.

2) Just booked a trip to Mexico...leaving in three weeks. Looking forward to it.

3) It's been raining for 4 days here....I think the sun is coming out tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

-Middle Sis

growing wild on waverly lane said...

"Three Things"

1. Husband's trip to Harrisonburg, cancelled last nite after he got up at 2am and drove 10 miles in the dark, is on again as of 11am today.

2. Baby sis's night cream gave me a blistering rash, which I will be sporting at the BB game today. (Can't wait...I'll be the one in dark glasses)

3. I have to have some kind of gathering for his birthday (Monday) on Saturday, when middle sis is down. ??suggestions??
I'm not inviting anybody who's too snooty to walk across the road to a party. and you know who they are.

Daryl Edelstein said...

the last one is a fabulous photo..not that the other isnt .. I am ever so happy that package made it there, I know you know how insane your zipcode issues are .. and we three love your cheesy self so much and you didnt tell everyone but there was NO cheddar in there .. nope .. no cheddar xoxox

Ann Marie said...

I am happy to see that you are keeping my old friends company!!!!!
I miss them.

Windsmurf said...

Thursday again so soon?
1. Happy Birthday, you share the smae bithday as my ex-husband (different year) - so you have a Bithday mate named Robin Hood - no kidding.
2. The teenage driver is a tough one at least at first, but eventually you get to like it since some of the little time-consuming trips (we're out of milk, run up and get some please) can be handed off - and the novelty of driving lets them actually enjoy doing it.
3. The cheese surprise sounds really great, hope you got to have a little wine with that cheese.

Windsmurf said...

Sorry about my typos, that was same and Birthday.
I guess I actually have a fourth thing today...
4. What happened down Beaverlett way that ended with so many houses being abandoned to the forest?

Dghawk said...

Happy Birthday to you! Wish I was 47 again. An what a nice suprise to find a box of GOOD cheese on your doorstep....on your birthday no less.

I think it's great that CB Son has his license. The only problem is, now instead of taking it easy thinking you don't have to play "chauffeur" anymore, you will be a nervous wreck the first few times he takes the car out. Sorry.

I loved the house pictures, both yesterdays and todays. I think my favorite is the little house out back.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Windsmurf, actually houses like this are all over the place in the county, not just in Beaverlett. I happen to see these particulare ones more often because I jog near here. But the county has lots of woods and lots of abandoned houses smack dab in the middle of these woods (or fields in some cases). Most are just old farmhouses that nobody kept up. I imagine some of them were left this way because the owners died and none of the family members or property owners wanted anything to do with maintaining them. So, they sit all by themselves hidden away in the summer time by all the vegetation but they pop in the winter when the sunlight can get through.

I wish I had a blanket authorization to go photograph them all. To me they're beautiful and I love wondering what the people were like who lived in them, what stories they'd tell, etc.

Thanks for commenting, everyone!

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. That is my house, without the shutters and with porches on the front and side, and about the same amount of paint.
2. I would like to have some shutters like those.
3. I am reminded of the painting that needs to happen when it warms up. I think I am going to paint a big pumpkin on the side.
Hope you have an extra long weekend. I can't quite understand Lee Jackson Day, but everyone in my office has the day off tomorrow...except for me.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Sweetheart, I hope I'm as sassy as you when I turn 47! Which is really just around the corner. You wear it well, sister.

2. I am taking my oldest to get his learner's permit tomorrow. TOMORROW. He is 15 years and 9 months and one day old and he WANTS HIS PERMIT NOW. This does not mesh well with the fact that I do have paying work I need to do... but I'd rather do it on a Friday than a Saturday.

3. The same son bought a $60 set of speakers for his computer. The set has a subwoofer and it sounds like a flippin' dance par-TAE across the hall from my quiet bedroom. I wonder of there's a good bartender in there? Or if the DJ takes requests? Ah, nevermind, the restroom is probably NASTY...


Deltaville Jamie said...

I'm late commenting today, but it's still technically Thursday so....

1. I'm late because I spent the day taking my baby girl to a college interview that was needed to finish processing her application. She seemed off, almost like she didn't want to go. Then she got excited after her interview went well and I was trying not to cry thinking about my baby girl going to college. Then I got all teary eyed because I found out she was "off" because she was thinking about how I wasn't going to be around while she was away at school. Homesick and she hasn't even been officially accepted.

2. Don't eat all the cheese at once. That might back some things up.

3. I'm not too snooty to walk across the street. Heck, I'd be willing to walk the 210 miles.