Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things

Today is the day where we share three thoughts, three things that happen to be on our mind at the moment. Three is merely a suggestion, so please share more if you want.

I'll begin.

1. There are daffodils blooming on the hillside near Flat Iron in Gloucester. In January. Although it's always a pleasure to see daffodils in bloom, there's something not quite right about January blooms. In fact, January blooms should be an oxymoron, at least as it relates to daffodils around here.

2. There are two dodgeball tournaments around town this weekend: one at Mathews High School Friday night, and the other at Ware Academy on Saturday afternoon. Chesapeake Bay Son is playing in both of them. Chesapeake Bay Daughter is playing in one of them. Chesapeake Bay Woman is playing in one of them, but she's not saying which one because she hasn't played dodgeball since fourth grade and now there are all these rules and she's mortified that she has to participate and is only doing so because a friend asked and did she mention she really doesn't want to play and let's move on to another subject.

3.  Monday morning my car wouldn't start. After much ado, it finally turned over and was acting fine until that evening when it started to make a noise. Something underneath the car sounds like a female opera singer holding the same note for a really long time. A new car is not in my financial forecast for at least another several years, so this car must last a long time. Simultaneously, newly-licensed Chesapeake Bay Son is perusing Craig's List on a daily basis, reading aloud the bargains du jour, hoping to find a used car for his own purposes. One of those "bargains" included a Camaro. (Like he's gonna drive a Camaro before I do!) Not wishing to quash his dreams entirely, I gently informed him that the insurance, maintenance, gas, and personal property taxes would be more than a little out of our league for that vehicle, so let's focus on something a little more realistic. Like lottery tickets so we can both buy Camaros.

That's all I have.

Now it's your turn to share three things, whatever's on your mind. Anything at all.


Annie said...

It is Australia Day here. Good to have some tennis (or cricket to watch). It has been very warm,and humid and wet, and have had floods around again. More rain to come tomorrow. Help.

A little scary when the kids are old enough to drive. I was very pleased when my three very amicably shared a van to get to uni every day for the years they were all there together.

Love the seagulls below. I dropped my camera and it has two great cracks across the lens. Very sad. But it is still taking photos. Sort of not too badly.

Hope you all have fun at the games this weekend.
And daffodils in January. That's a bit freaky!

deborah said...

As long as you don't have to ride a donkey while playing dodgeball, I think you'll do just fine. Its for fun, isn't it? Just have fun and cheat when you don't know the rules:)

Oh, I hope you car doesn't have anything major wrong with it! My son's girlfriend just bought a new car, and even though the payments are very reasonable, car payments are still such an expense that you don't need right now.

My daffodils are starting to show a little green, but to see ones in bloom - that's just wild! Hope you can get some photos of them!

Not much here, but I did venture out and take an applique class at the local quilt shop. Come to find out, everyone was there just to socialize and I was the only one who worked on anything. Still, I did it and enjoyed it without too much panic- even if I did screw the whole thing up and had to start over again. Not once but twice (so far).

Have a fun weekend!

Maria_NJ said...

I love finding a good used car, my last 2 I bought used and they were both wonderful, they are out there, you just have to be at the right place, right time...but I hate car trouble, it usually means $$$$ out of hand! Hope it is nothing much.

That stinkin puppy is driving me batty this morning, can we say "running with scissors" I can't tell you how many times I took them away from her and she got them off the counter, I guess I should have put them in the drawer where they belong...the first time.

All my stuff that I put on eBay is doing really good, I encourage everyone, if you need some extra spending cash (like who doesn't need that) to try listing a few thing on "the bay" It is really easy to do and if I can do it anyone can...

good luck with the dodge ball game, watch your face!!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Now I'm longing for a good donkey baseball game at the Deltaville stadium.

I think it's amusing how teenagers have these big ideas about cars. Until they nag you to the point of walking into a straight jacket.

I heard the irises were blooming in Deltaville. I can't complain. I'm really enjoying the weather and being able to spend some time outside hiking.

Sooska said...

We just got rid of a 1994 Mazda Protege with 312,000 miles. Luckily it had aged into being a rather unnecessary backup vehicle. What a reliable car! My kids learned to drive a stick shift and it hauled everything that could it into it. The interior looked like rags though.

Here in Pittsburgh it was 61 sunny degrees this past Monday and today we are to get sleet or something. Currently we have no snow and have only had a few inches all winter with very moderate temperatures most of the time. We get a few days of "winter" then a couple days of spring or fall. I have learned that the spring flowers won't be quite as vibrant without a snowy cold winter. Oh well, I don't have to shovel daffodils.

My husband just got back from northern Minnesota where there was no snow but it had warmed up by 42 degrees to 20F!

Hayley said...

#1 So strange, I think I've actually seen this basket before. Small town we live in huh?

#2 When my car makes noises (frequently) my stomach drops. I think the fear wearing out my already old car has prevented me from exploring my new area like I once would have.

#3 I have to get up and do something productive.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

1. Independently we have "The Subject Was Daffodils." Yesterday I painted the window I backgrounded 2 years ago and it was daffodils!

2. I was great at dodgeball. That was a long time ago.

3. Like he's going to drive a Camaro before I do!!

Windsmurf said...

1. If you don't know the rules of dodgeball, you can't really be accused of breaking them, right? I know the law doesn't view ignorance as an excuse, but hey this is dodgeball.
2. Maria, your puppy sounds suicidal, maybe you need to remove his collar and hide the leash too.
3. The weather is gloomy here, though not cold so I can handle that. And, today is Friday for me so YEAH!!

Daryl Edelstein said...

was there a babe in that basket among the rushes?????

I am so glad I do not own a car

I so wish I owned a car and could drive off and visit you, Kate, La La, Annie, Juls .. all my Blisters

Kay L. Davies said...

Add me to the list of want-to-drive-a-Camaro-before-your-kid-does.
Daffodils in January should not only be an oxymoron, it should be illegal.
When Dick and Lindy get back from their walk, we have to go out and "clean up" the back yard now that the snow has melted enough to reveal all the gifts Lindy left us. Also should be illegal.
Here they are, gotta go.

Fighting Mermaid said...

Of all things, Noah absolutely loves dodgeball. It's not on my top five.

I still haven't stopped to check out the pumpkin and can't tonight because I am stuck at the office late again...which means that dinner will suck...again.

I love daffodils. Ahhh.....peace again.

Country Girl said...

I could never get over the personal property taxes when I lived in Virginia.

And I am so sorry about your car.

I miss you.