Monday, January 30, 2012

Pear Tree Cemetery

The blooms in this tree almost make you forget it's winter.
But the calendar says it is even if the temperatures don't.

These pictures, from Pear Tree Cemetery down Onemo, were taken a few weeks back after I'd just completed my first ever four-mile run.  I parked my car at nearby Bethel Beach and ran two miles out and  back.

Although I ran a lot in high school which was thirty years ago but feels like yesterday, I was a sprinter not a distance runner.  No doubt over the course of an entire track practice I'd have covered four miles but never four miles at a clip without stopping.

Over the past couple of weeks I've increased my mileage to five on a course that begins and ends at Williams Wharf with a loop down Beaverlett.

Baby Sis and I are going to run a 10K at the end of March, and that's providing the motivation for me to continue running.  (I might also do a half-marathon with Lauren in the fall, but right now I am just taking baby steps.)

The other motivation has to do with wanting to stay on the right side of the Earth when it comes to visiting cemeteries and doing everything in my power to fight off all that comes with getting older. I want to be like that tree above.  Just because the calendar says it's winter doesn't mean you have to wither up and die turn gray.

Here's a link to a previous post on Pear Tree Cemetery with more pictures and less talk about getting old.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You GO, CBW ! You are unwither-able ! Five miles is impressive. You are so right--many of us face a calendar that says "January", but we have to remember it is the New Year, time for new beginnings, as we progress into springtime renewal.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I didn't do any running, but I did climb to the top of a waterfall- hauling two children with me who were 4 and 5. And made it all the way across a set of monkey bars- 4 times. I'm still hoping to manage that 40 mile hike through the Appalachian Trail this fall.

Anonymous said...

Bad knee's,ankle's,and hips no running for me. But if I remember correctly (bad memory also) you did have a good track coach at one time?
Didn't I catch you parking down pear tree years ago? LOL Maybe it was one of your sisters. MM

Trisha said...

Wow! Impressive running. 5 miles and working on more. Go, girl, go!

deborah said...

You are awesome! Five miles and working on more? You are just a wonder woman...I'm over here cheering you on!

Daryl Edelstein said...


I love cemeteries .. I am betting Annie asks to go to this one during BlogFest

Maria_NJ said...

On my walk this morning I saw buds on the trees, like they were going to start to almost February and we didn't get any snow...

you go girl...I'm cheering for you too!!

thomas said...

Nice, what are the dates on the stones?
I assume pretty early.

Country Girl said...

I think it's great that you're running. I was more of a sprinter, too, than a long-distance runner. I haven't run in years but I remember how much fun it was when I was young.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks! I am very motivated to keep running as long as the knees hold out. They are complaining a little bit.

Thomas-Lots of old ones, I'll have to get some specific dates (i.e. see which one is oldest) next time I'm there.

MM- Your brother was a fantastic coach and was responsible for any successes I had in track. Last time I saw him I told him so.

p.s. It had to have been a sister down at this particular cemetery.

foolery said...

I've seen your knees and it's hard to believe they could find anything to complain about, since their load is so light and spry. But I applaud you for the hard work anyway!

My new favorite TV commercial shows a very out-of-breath man in a Home Depot or Lowes or OSH or something. He says to the store clerk, "I sprinted here." She says, "Wow, from home?" He gasps, "From the parking lot." Yep, that's me. :)