Friday, November 9, 2012

And We're Off!

Creekside Shack 

Here are a few random photos that coincidentally help illustrate a not-so-random blog post related to my feelings about attempting to complete a  half-marathon this weekend.  Above, we have the starting point: an old, weathered structure still standing but vulnerable.  I'm almost 48 years old, still standing and ready to collapse into the creek vulnerable. Although I've been jogging since the spring, the farthest I've ever jogged without stopping is nine miles.

This half-marathon?  It's 13.1 miles.  13.1 minus 9 = What was I thinking?

Ideally I'd like to be able to complete the whole thing without dying walking.  Realistically, though, I am shooting for 9 or 10 miles jogging and then crawling hitch hiking  walking as needed to carry me across the finish line, where I hope not to collapse into a heap of broken parts like the tree below.

Aarons Beach

Most of all I hope I don't break anything, tear anything, or otherwise come to pieces.

Like the basket below.

Remnants of a basket

As long as I can crawl across the finish line intact, 
even if there are barnacles on my back since I go so slowly, I"ll be just fine.

Horseshoe crab adorned with barnacles

I won't be posting until Tuesday assuming no major cardiac events injuries. Baby Sis and I leave Saturday and return Monday. We're meeting up with her and her.   The race is on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn.

(Everyone in this little party except me has completed 13.1 miles without the benefit of an automobile.)

Have a great weekend! See you next week.



Kay L. Davies said...

Glad you're still alive and running!
Good luck!

deborah said...

You can do it! Whether you run, jog, or walk, you'll make it with ease to the finish line! I'm rooting for ya:)

Country Girl said...

As I'm writing this, I'm sure you are running. Good vibes coming your way. You'll be fine!

Mental P Mama said...

You are gonna be fine. I'm a little scared for me. But we will have some wine afterwards I think.

Anonymous said...

Just remember to lean away from the bar (before you take off); that way you will achieve greater heights.
Afterwards, well, you can do anything with the bar that you like.

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL you're no beat up shack. You're more like the Taj Mahal! Good luck tomorrow and then it looks like you'll have one fabulous weekend to recover.


Meg McCormick said...

Finishing is the most important thing - knowing you and your gazelle legs you will just soar right to the finish line and be all, what, is that it? Good luck!!

Country Girl said...

Back to say that I thought it was Saturday. (I have off today) and then I realized you are racing Sunday. Maybe I need to go back to bed.

Dghawk said...

Good luck on your run Sunday. Just remember that you aren't in Mathews, you aren't at work, the kids are fine, and your Mom is fine so....JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous/Favorite Coach: The rules of high jumping seem to mesh very well with life. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

I'll finish but just a walker's pace.

Anonymous said...

CBW & MPM. I hope the run went well today and that you both found yourselves vertical and not too achy. I salute you !!

Daryl said...

I still wish I had been able to come cheer you on ... we gotta get a date for visiting Mama in TN and a date in Dec for you and BHE to come up here for the 'annual' December freeze your tush off visit ... and dinner at Robert ... xoxox

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

We survived--and we had a blast!

Details in tomorrow's post.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement.