Friday, November 2, 2012


Thursday I was the substitute deliverer for the Cobbs Creek route of the county's Meals on Wheels. The route actually started in Hallieford, where these first three shots were taken. It's been forever since I've driven down to Hallieford even though I see it every day of my life by water. (It's right across the creek from me.)

Since I am a rarely-called-upon substitute driver and since I usually get a different route every time I am called, I do not get to know the people I'm delivering food to.  So when my first customer told me she wasn't feeling so hot after my salutatory "How are you?" I didn't know if that was normal or cause for concern.  After talking with her for a while and asking lots of questions, I became convinced it was normal, but even so I told her I'd carry her to the doctor if she needed to go.  She took my cell phone number but never called. Not So Hot is unfortunately her norm.

Another part of the route took me down Morgan's Branch Road.

I'd never been down here before, ever, although I've passed the road a million times.

Waaaay down the road was this school bus graveyard.

I love old vehicles...

And several old houses.

...just as much as I love old houses.

I thought this one was full of character.

Some of the people I spoke with on my route were characters too.

They're elderly and disabled or sick but still full of spark 
and eager for some conversation and a little attention.
Just a little bit of human contact is all they need.

I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to volunteer for Mathews Meals on Wheels, even if it's only a few times a year as a substitute driver. If you're local and have a couple of hours a month I encourage you to sign up with the Mathews Active Lifestyle Center.  For more info call them at (804) 725-7850.

In other news, I'm hoping to make it over to Urbanna for the Oyster Festival at some point this weekend.

Hope your weekend is a great one.


deborah said...

The stories that old house could tell...
Wonderful that you were able to volunteer!
Have a great weekend!

Daryl said...

oh i would volunteer in a heart beat if i was a mathews resident ... this weekend i am going to volunteer at one of the soup kitchens ...