Tuesday, November 27, 2012


These were taken about a week or so ago at Winter Harbor.

I used the exact same camera setting

(otherwise known as "Auto", the only setting I know)

for all of these.

The only thing that changed was where I stood.

Or where I aimed the camera.

The true depiction of how dark it was is in the first few.

In these last few everything brightens up 
and almost looks like sunrise.

(But it wasn't.) 

This concludes CBW's rudimentary demonstration of how light influences pictures and how little CBW actually knows about photography and the functionality of her camera.

Photography lessons are somewhere on the bucket list.  (Way down the list though.)

Have a great, light-filled day.


Mental P Mama said...

You are so funny. Q w a a

Daryl said...


thomas said...

Very nice , never too many boats.

Fighting Mermaid said...

Smiling.It's a good setting so I'd just stick with it.