Monday, November 19, 2012


These were taken from the public landing at White's Creek on the same overcast day I visited Haven Beach.  The light was low and the colors rather drab.

In direct contrast to the drabness of these pictures,  my weekend was wonderful, although far too brief.

(Aren't they always?  Is there any such thing as a weekend that feels like it will never end? This one seemed particularly short though.  Also, is drabness a word?)

Looking ahead, this week is going to be very hectic between work and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I'm having Thanksgiving at my house which means there will be lots of sweating and swearing starting Wednesday evening I'll begin the marathon cooking spree that will have me standing on my feet for a day and a half for what will end up being a total of 10 minutes (tops) of eating.

I haven't really thought through the menu yet, and probably won't until Wednesday after work.  I have purchased the turkey though, so I can cross that off the list. Another thing will be green beans cooked with old ham and chicken broth in the crock pot.  I made some recently and I thought we were all going to fight over the last bean, they were that good.  There's nothing like vegetables slow cooked with country ham or a ham hock.


My mother is making the bread and desserts.  (My son and daughter say thank you in advance.  She makes the best bread and the best desserts.  Actually she makes the best everything.)

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  What's on the menu?  Do you have any favorite (but uncomplicated) recipes that a frazzled person could use?


Kay L. Davies said...

If "drabness" isn't a word, it should be. Imagine if it had to be "drabity" which almost, but not quite, rhymes with cavity.
Still ever so glad you survived the storm. Something for which to be grateful just before your family does the 10-minute turkey-devour.
Although we had Thanksgiving last month in Canada, we will be having American Thanksgiving onboard the Viking Danube in Europe. Poor us. People have been complaining about fog and generally poor weather. If they wanted sunshine, they should have booked a summer cruise!
Glad you are well. Hi to your mom.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I'm trying to decide if I'm baking pies or ordering pies this year. I am capable of baking them, but I've been lazy the past several years. If only all my dilemmas were this trivial.

Mental P Mama said...

Bourbon sweet potatoes! Have a great day!

Daryl said...

my best recipe is this .. i call Mr Zabar's brother Eli who has two stores on the Eastside and I order all my food pre-cooked and ready to heat/eat ... its the true sloth version but for this challenged cook its perfection!

Dghawk said...

It looks a little nippy down by the water, but that wouldn't bother me at all. I would call it "refreshing".

On all the cooking shows, they just blanch their beans for a few minutes. Yuck! I like to use a good smokey bacon or peppered jowl with my beans, and cook the hell-o out of them!

Annie said...

Visiting the kids in Melbourne, I notice a chicken out to roast. Looks good. Must go out and buy some sweet potato. Yum.

Have been cleaning up at home after an horrendous Hailstorm..whew. Never seen so much leaf litter all over the place, roads, yards, patios, verandahs, in the pool, around the pool. You get the story. Just after I paid a lot of money last week to get a tree man and gardener to do a huge annual clean up. Now the trees look like they have no leaves left, coming into a warm summer! argh.
I shouldn't complain, it was fun to have a little grandson to mind, who enjoyed helping clean up! Was very pleased to get the broken window temporarily mended, with clear glass into the bathroom downstairs. Never seen so many glaziers around the streets, nor heard so many leaf blowers, up on roofs, etc. Reckon our suburb copped it the worst! Must try to download the cell phone photos. If my new laptop doesn't crash again.
Happy Thanksgiving CBW and family, from Australia.